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  • Details about who will be joining our legislative town hall session is below.
  • There are specific ways to ask questions and why.
  • I have given you my list of prioritized questions so you may be inspired to write your own.

This is the first test of our representatives.

This upcoming Saturday, February 13, the Kootenai County GOP will be hosting a town hall at the Altar Church consisting of all the legislators representing the Kootenai County area. Districts 2, 3, and 4 will be represented and, according to the KCRCC, all have confirmed attendance to Saturday's event. Details about the event are listed in the graphic above. The point of these town halls is to get an idea of how the 2021 legislative session is going and to be able to ask our questions directly to our reps.

Our representatives within this county are:

If you are unsure of what district you're in, you can check out this map here. Essentially, district 2 is everything from Hayden going North to the county border, and east of CDA/Lake CDA. District 3 is roughly Post Falls going south of CDA, all west of Lake CDA, and district 4 is CDA proper. If you're on the borders of one of these areas, I recommend clicking on the link above. If you want the full list of 2021 Session Legislators, including clickable email addresses of those listed above, feel free to download my spreadsheet here.

I am a newb when it comes to town halls, having only started to wake up in the terrible year that was 2020, so I only have one town hall under my belt. Since that time, I have tried to pay attention to what our representatives say vs. what they actually do, and I use their own actions as a basis to form my opinions. I have also realized that we tend to ask the wrong type of questions when grilling a candidate on the campaign trail, and I'm trying to get better at asking pointed questions where the person has to give a more pointed answer. For example, instead of asking if a Sheriff candidate is all for protecting the 2nd Amendment, we should be asking more scenario-type questions over and over again to see if they answer them the same way or if their answers waiver depending on the group he is speaking to. The same thing applies to those in the legislature.

Our best bet is to ask direct questions to our reps so that we can get more direct answers and, BONUS, we get them on record in case there's ever a direct need to hold them accountable. (We should always hold them accountable but there are some instances where we need specific records.) Summer Bushnell of The Bushnell Report and the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee always do the hard parts for us and record the town halls so we can go back through later on and find clips we need.

I have put together my list of questions to ask our reps and I'm sharing with y'all below. Why? This goes back to the above comment where we need to see how a person answers when asked the same question multiple different ways. My ask is that you be inspired by my list and ask your own set of questions, either regarding the same topics or topics that are a priority for your family.

  1. Question for all: What have you done personally to reign in the governor's unconstitutional extraordinary powers?
  2. Question for all: What are you doing to help protect Idaho's sovereignty, for lands, resources, schools, etc., against outside unconstitutional Federal orders?
  3. Question for Mary Souza: last year you sat on stage at the town hall; went to multiple local meetings where you looked us in the face and said your top priority was to end the emergency, breaking it down into 9 points. Why is it that your first bill that you’ve sponsored was one about dentistry?
  4. Question for Steve Vick: last year you sat on stage at the town hall; went to multiple local meetings where you looked us in the face and said your top priority was to end the emergency. Why have you not put forward a “veto-proof” resolution or bill that will actually work towards ending the emergency?
  5. Question for all: Why have you NOT publicly put pressure on House or Senate leadership to pass a veto-proof resolution or bill to end the emergency NOW?
  6. Question for all: Senator Vick brought forth SB1060 which limits public health districts mandates to a maximum of 30 days, subject to approval by each individual county’s board of commissioners. Will you pass this bill if and when it is brought in front of you?
  7. Question for all: Why have you not come out in support of Rep. Heather Scott’s HCR1, to end the state of emergency NOW?
  8. Question for Paul Amador: As Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee, will you put Tammy Nichols' House Bill 63 (no forced vaccinations) on the agenda for discussion and testimony?
  9. Question for all: Will you vote in favor of House Bill 63 if and when it is in front of you?
  10. Question for Vito Barbieri: House Bill 17 is an anti-abortion bill that disallows state funding to be used for abortions, but it has exemptions for hospitals, and any federal laws around abortions, essentially allowing abortions to still be done in the state of Idaho. Why did you vote in favor of H17 when you knew that it allows for abortions to still be done in Idaho?
  11. Question for all: House Bill 56, the Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act brought forth by Heather Scott and Ron Nate, describes the term "Unborn human being" as any living creature from the time of conception. It also says that the changes in this law only apply to conduct that occurs on or AFTER the effective date of this act. Do you agree that an unborn human being is a living being from time of conception?
    1. Follow up question: Will you pass this bill if and when it is brought in front of you?
  12. Question for Paul Amador: As Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee, will you allow House Bill 56 to be heard in committee for discussion and testimony?

Wow, listing these out made me realize the questions are a lot longer than I had expected. lol oh well. :)

You'll notice that I asked direct questions to the group as a whole, hoping that they would each get a turn answering the question, and ask questions to specific individuals. Just because I did not list out specific questions for the other reps it doesn't mean they're not on my radar, it just means that my priorities had to be narrowed down. If I have further questions you better believe I will be reaching out to them directly.

If this town hall is anything like the last, the hosts will ask that all questions be put on a notecard and handed in, the MC/host will ask as many questions as he can in the allotted time. This means that not all of our questions may be answered so let's make sure we ask some GOOD ONES. I have faith in you. :)

I hope this was useful to start asking your questions I'm sure you've had stored up for a while; and I hope that I'll see you on Saturday morning!

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