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  • I am starting to get an idea of how I want to structure my emails moving forward now that the election is over. I think I may be still doing daily emails and sprinkle more focused action items or awareness topics in with my meetings emails. This doesn't mean I may not change up topics based on the immediate needs of this community, but it'll be a standard plan for the immediate future. This is a rough draft of mails that I hope you find value in reading:
    • Monday: Weekly Upcoming Kootenai-Wide Meetings.
    • Tuesday: ACTION Mail with the hopes that you email whomever based on the topic in the mail.
    • Wednesday: Constitution Class updates for the time being followed by other specific topics once my class is done.
    • Thursday: Open elected/advisory board positions that we're looking for solid candidates. Just to keep everyone aware of what's going on with politics. Could see this as another ACTION day if necessary.
    • Friday: Weekly News Roundup.

Notes from the meetings that I've watched, in person or online.

  • 12/1 Kootenai County BOCC Business Meeting
    • Payables for week 11/23-11/27 = $1,266,495.62
    • The Resource Management Office wants to donate a bus to the State of Idaho Veterans Services for use at the new Idaho State Veterans Home currently being built in Post Falls. Under State law, the home cannot purchase transportation for the veterans, it would have to be funded solely on donations. The bus was already slated to be taken off the RMO asset list so by donating it gives both organizations what they need. The donation will save almost $200,000 in donation assistance. The bus will be used to transport veterans to/from recreational activities and medical appointments.
    • Commissioner Brooks brought up the amount of emails and phone calls he's been receiving over the past week from people who are having difficulties getting into the DMV and Licensing offices. I think we've all had experience with the obscene amount of waiting time we've had over the past year (thanks Covid!) and it's becoming even more out of control. I've personally seen complaints about people having to wait MONTHS to register a new vehicle (back in April I had to register my own new vehicle and had to wait 3 weeks at that time) now it's even more out of control. The BOCC is going to follow up with those department heads or elected officials and see what's going on, to be discussed at an upcoming meeting.
  • 12/1 Kootenai County BOCC Aquifer Protection District Special Meeting
    • The Aquifer Protection District was formed to create fee revenue which is used to assist regulatory bodies and enforcing existing regulations, monitoring & inspecting potential sources of pollution, monitor and implement education programs for the entire community. They coordinate work with public agencies to assist in prevention of degradation of the Rathdrum Prairie aquifer.
      • A portion of the APD fee revenue goes back to the Panhandle Health Environmental Program to operate the critical materials program and management of the sewer system in the areas above the aquifer
      • Panhandle Health manages those above programs as per State law IDAPA 41.01.01
    • The purpose of the meeting was to have the BOCC write a letter of support to Panhandle Health oh behalf of the Aquifer Protection District supporting the continuation of operation under that State law IDAPA 41.01.01.
  • 12/1 Post Falls City Council Meeting
    • CARES Act grant funding - Federal government made $1.19M available to City of Post Falls due to the Cov. The city divided it up into 2 fiscal periods:
      • FY2020 $747,200
      • FY2021 $447,200
    • Spent $235,000 so far and received $128,000 in reimbursements. Items include:
      • Additional laptops/software/servers for all those who want to be able to work from home during this time, and servers to help with the added usage on the system.
      • License Plate Recognition <-- I don't have any specifics, it was just a line item on the CARES expenditures. I quick search online makes me wonder if it's not an update to the LPR program started by the county in 2016.
      • Salaries
      • Online payment credit card fees which were waived to customers
    • Memo came from Governor's office that any CARES balance not used for Covid-related items can be used for public safety payroll i.e. police department, first responders, etc. City of PF will be submitting their $$ request for the rest of those CARES funds, per the memo, by next week.
    • To review all CARES funding line items by City of PF, review the full agenda pages 53-54
  • 12/1 CDA City Council Meeting
    • Annual Snow Plan: The plows are ready, the plan is in place, for when the real snow arrives. To find out when your street will be plowed, go to their mobile-friendly map here. The City's goal this year is to have the entire community plowed within 40 hours. If you have issues with a plow or snow removal, please fill out this form and someone will get back to you during regular office hours. This form is actively monitored during snow season and they WILL get back to you.
    • Atlas Waterfront Project Update: Things are moving along to the city's plan; small pieces of the area are being sold to developers IF they fall under certain criteria and their plans get approved by the P&Z Commission. This waterfront area will be a mixture of single family homes, duplexes/fourplexes, and a few apartments, along with some retail and waterfront food/snack bar. The deal was, back when they first started this project, that in order for the city will keep the waterfront for public use, they have to make the area a little bit of a higher density home area to cover the city costs. These houses will NOT be affordable income housing, people will be paying market value - which is quite a pretty penny right now - to buy in that area. 
    • There has been some rumor going around that a reentry facility is going in at 421 Coeur d'Alene Ave. We, as voters, already voted NO on an advisory position re: a reentry facility in Kootenai County, so I was confused when this was brought up again. 
      • I reached out to Dan Gookin, who in turn brought it up at the council meeting, who explained it to me (and the council) like this: "The City didn't address this issue. Our code allows for such a facility providing that the location has the proper zoning. For us to ban it would be considered capricious and subject the City to a lawsuit. Further, this facility isn't the relocation center that people opposed in the advisory vote.
        The reason the City doesn't address the relocation center is that it can't fit anywhere in the city limits. We don't have a parcel large enough to accommodate it. Further, the price of land in Coeur d'Alene is too high for the state to justify the cost. I believe they have their eye on Hayden, which is why [Hayden] Council member [Matthew] Roetter is opposed."
    • A couple of things about this from the council meeting: there IS an office being leased to provide parole-like services to those recently released from jail. There is no mention of the TYPES of parolees. This building is not leased at the address above, it's ACTUAL address is 610 Hubbard Ave, down by the courthouse. This is also not a city allowance, meaning they don't have legal authority to say who can or can't lease a building, but if you would like to talk about it further, this is being leased by the Idaho Department of Corrections, a state department, and the public information office for the DOC is Jeff Ray. Email address is
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