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How Can We Take Wise Steps 
Forward In Our Churches?
1. Care for Believers, while Considering People Who Don’t Know Jesus Yet. I participated in a meeting recently with a few other NW denominational superintendents, and it should not surprise you that everyone is asking this question of “how to transition well, from Covid-19 concerns to start meeting in-person again?” One of the repeated thoughts was that we need to recognize that we are not all in the same place (nor should we be), and this is probably a time for the Body of Christ to continue to demonstrate its willingness to show concern/deference for the sake of others, rather than our own "freedoms."  Think of it in terms of outreach to people who are not a part of us yet.  For example, even if EVERYONE was comfortable shaking hands and standing within two feet of each other (and even if they were from one large family), it would still be UNWISE to do that anyplace on the church grounds, both out of consideration for the new person visiting and also if someone drove by and saw us hugging outside and thought to themselves, "that is an uncaring place, oblivious to the concerns of others," or "I could never go there, because I might become infected and then expose my grandmother." It is a different way of thinking, to be sure!  
A passage of scripture that has come to my mind is 1 Corinthians 8-10 regarding “meat sacrificed to idols.”  It may be "permissible" to shake hands and stand closer than six feet (no one will throw me in jail, and after all, I have my freedom of religion "rights”), but it may not be "beneficial" for others and may not help to build our local church or gain a good reputation for Christ today. Out of enthusiasm and joy to be with each other again, we could (if not careful) become an accidental stumbling block. Paul put it this way: “For I am not seeking my own good, but the good of many, so that they may be saved!” (I Corinthians 10:33)  May the Lord help us to do the same!
2. Cultivate the Mindset to “GO FORWARD TOGETHER” not simply “GET BACK TOGETHER.” This is the language that I use when counseling couples that have been separated.  It is a reconciliation concept that conveys hope and positive change.  In marriage terms, it is a recognition that if they simply get “back together” with no substantive internal adjustments, they will likely end up right where they are today.  Going forward implies that we have learned from the past and that we will face the future together in new and fresh ways.  So, too, in the post-Covid-19 era.  There are probably some enduring changes that we need to make in both small and big ways.  And… that is exciting!

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Kaleo Academy Update
We have made a difficult decision out of concern for the well-being of our students, staff and ministry partners. We will be laying down the 2020-2021 Kaleo Academy Cohort...During this year, we want to support and encourage our Kaleo Academy Alumni. Our Kaleo Academy alumni includes students, mentors, sending churches and peer leaders. We will encourage and support them through check-ins asking “How can we help?,” and providing resources that will cultivate opportunities for our young leaders to step into leadership.
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