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We are proud to announce that most recently; Dr. Feyrer-Melk was recognized as one of the Top 15 Concierge Doctors in America (the only one in Arizona).

On March 28th, 2013 Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) announced that, after careful review, the Editors at CMT have released their list of the Top Docs in concierge medicine, direct primary care and private medical practices in America. Each year CMT carefully reviews a list of the industry’s concierge doctors, boutique and retainer-based medical practices across the U.S. that have made an impact in several areas. CMT chooses only a few select physicians in the concierge medicine and/or direct pay business model environment who meet the criteria to qualify as a “Top Doc.”
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Did you know this Startling FACT!

Most men and women do not think about the silent and deadly disease that can change everything in a heartbeat.  When it comes to women, heart disease is often never even considered a problem. What is fascinating to me is 2% of women die from breast cancer, while over 50% die from heart disease. Astonishing facts when you consider how breast cancer awareness dominates women's health.
Dr. Feyrer-Melk is the expert in making sense of the complicated matrix that saves lives.  Her patients place a high priority on health and are dedicated to going above and beyond standard care to achieve optimal care.  Traditional cardiac care focuses on risk assessment while Dr. Feyrer-Melk looks critically at each individual patient and assesses health status.  She begins with genetic testing and thoroughly utilizing the most cutting edge technologies available.  Patients gain a true sense of their cardiac health and obtain a solid plan to maintain or improve status.

PLEASE READ! Effective May 22nd, 2013

Effective May 22nd Heart of Arizona will no longer be available for non-concierge patients. We will be available to provide care until that date, after which time you must have alternative arrangements for your cardiac care.

Learn about becoming a
Heart of Arizona Concierge Patient!

I personally invite you to consider Optimal Care and attend my Presentation on Wednesday, May 15th to consider your choices. I would be honored to be your Personal Physician Counselor, working together to prevent heart attacks and strokes, and enhance your quality of life. Otherwise, I will be happy to provide care until May 22nd, after which time you must have alternative arrangements for your cardiac care. I hold my patients heart in my hands. Explore your options with me May 15th.

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If you have an interested friend or family member, I would be happy to meet with them for a casual One-on-One Meeting to assess if this program is right for them.

Your personal health and well-being continues to remain close to my heart as I care for yours….

Be Well,
A. Feyrer-Melk, M.D.

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May 15th - Presentation on Preventative Cardiology Care

Patient Survey Results

Wonderful, caring atmosphere!  Plenty of time to ask questions of Dr. FM.   -Judith M.

The easibility of talking to the doctor and the length of the office visits.  I am impressed with the cutting edge science.  -Anonymous

Dr. Feyer-Melk –Care! – Personal!  Her care gave me my life back.  -Marybeth G.

Knowing the program is getting my inflamed arteries and cholesterol under control.  Loved Dr. Steve’s help with fitness.  -Bradley B.

Excellent care, personable and caring staff.   -Florence K.

I feel like I have made great strides regarding my overall health.  I feel that I have received great diagnostic information and that I have an overall greater awareness/knowledge of my cardiovascular health. -Lela B.

I get optimal care as if I were her only patient.  Dr. Feyrer-Melk’s focus is on my overall well being and proper health practices.   Joseph F.

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