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27 November 2016/Number 7

Welcome to the sixth issue of Logodaedaly, the Wordnik word games newsletter! In this issue: gifts for the word game lovers on your list.

Ten Giftworthy Word Games

Word games are always welcome at holiday time, and here are a few we recommend.

Alpha Bandits
 In this game, it's always your turn! Steal letters, create color patterns, and use bandit tiles to block. (Ages 9 and up. 4 players. $15.00)

Buzzword Your team has 45 seconds to solve ten twisty clues, but here's a hint: they'll all contain the same 'buzzword'. (Ages 10 and up. 4+ players. $15.79)

Coodju If you're a 'creative' speller, this is the game for you. Respell words according to new rules (no vowels? skipping every other letter?) to win points (and laughs). (Ages 12 and up. 4+ players. $11.92)

PDQ Cards show three-letter combinations, players shout out words those combinations could create. S-M-P simple! (Ages 8 and up. $44.99)

Quickword  Race against the clock to make word lists according to letters, clues, and categories. (Ages 12 and up, 2+ players. $34.90)

Quiddler Arrange all the cards in your hand into words, but don't get caught with double-letter cards left in your hand! (1-8 players. Ages 8 and up. $9.25)

Snatch-It The simplest and most exciting of the word-stealing games. (Ages 8 and up. 2+ players. $15.00)

Syzygy Create your own free-form competitive grid of intersecting words—use up all your letters to win! (Up to 12 players. $21.95)

Trhyme Given three phrases, come up with three answers ... but they all have to rhyme! (Ages 12 and up. $59.99)

Word Rich A mix of Scrabble and poker, described as "the highest-scoring word game ever invented!" (Ages 9 and up. 2-4 players. $5.00)

There are so many wonderful word games available that we couldn't possibly list them all. Did we leave out a favorite? Let us know at


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from Schoolroom Games and Exercises, by Elizabeth G. Bainbridge (Interstate publishing Company, 1886).

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