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24 March 2018/Number 13

Welcome to the lucky thirteenth issue of Logodaedaly, the Wordnik word games newsletter! In this issue: an interview with the creator of a Finnegans Wake-themed word game, information about a grant for makers of grid-based puzzle games, and a call for nominations!

What's Your Favorite Word Game?

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An Interview with Akira Rabelais, Creator of Finnegans triskaidekaphobia


Q. Can you give us a short overview of Finnegans triskaidekaphobia? What's your favorite part of the game?
Finnegans triskaidekaphobia is a very simple game. It’s just identifying words that have been obfuscated with letters jumbled or blanked out. The subject matter is the thirteen-letter words in Finnegans Wake. My favorite part: the word jiggerypokery!

Q. When did you launch Finnegans triskaidekaphobia?

St. Patrick's Day! (March 17)

Q. How did you get into game development? Is this your full-time gig, a side business, a hobby?

I love games, and have worked in studio entertainment (Disney, Warner, Universal) for a number of years. I’ve written a few games over the years but these days I mostly project-manage.

Q. What other word games (app or tabletop) do you play? Have you made any other games?

I like Boggle and Scrabble. I have written other games, but this is my first word game. 

Q. What's the best word you've ever played? Do you have a favorite word?

I don’t have a favorite word as such ... there’s just so many good ones, and I enjoy them more in pairings (like wine and food): cuneiform pantaloons, portcullis ice cream, spherical trigonometry.

Check out Finnegans triskaidekaphobia on the App Store. Know a game creator we should interview? Email us!

Game Grants Available!

The makers of The Witness, a game about exploring and solving puzzles, is offering grants to independent game designers from traditionally underrepresented groups to work on grid-based puzzle games. Approximately 3-6 people will each receive between $3,000-$20,000 to use to complete their games. Apply here by April 23. 

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