May 2015

iNetwork "In the know", May 2015

We're in a pivotal time.  

For example there are 6.7 million carers in the UK and rising. That's about 1.5 million more than work in the entire public sector. How we think about engaging and enabling these people to be more productive is a great place to start.

How well we support our communities, patients and places is highly dependent on the scale and pace with which we can move from a “vending machine” model of public service to one which delivers good outcomes for people and places through collaboration and co-production. 

This is a big leadership challenge but one which people are up for, as colleagues in the Cheshire & Warrington partnership described at their service reform away day last week.   The emergency budget in July is unlikely to offer good news, but we are starting to appreciate the assets and opportunities in our areas.

There's a lot happening in iNetwork which relates to this. Please get involved and encourage your colleagues to do likewise.

Phil Swan
On behalf of the iNetwork community

iNetwork 2015-16 

Please take a few minutes to check out this year's programme, to put it on your intranet and to share it with colleagues! You can see it here.
Are my community assets the same as your community assets?
This is a problem because different local public service organisations working collectively need to reference the same assets and use the same language. This also needs to work across boundaries in both two tier and single tier settings. Find out more about this here: 
FREE business improvement training
Calling all iNetwork member organisations: here is your chance to access some more FREE Business Improvement Training delivered together with a partner college’s external consultants. For more see here.
Shaping Demand: How?
Thanks to all the great speakers and to David Hoyle, EY, and Claire Handby, EY, who've composed expert blogs on the back of May's Shaping Demand event. These aer at Our next event is on 17 July - see  
Cyber security: Resilience is a big issue
This is becoming a big deal for local public services and is increasingly on the radar of more resilience forums. The DCLG wrote to all council Chief Executives about this recently. See here.
Our next Warning Advice & Reporting Point (WARP) event is on 12 June and there'll be updates on this alongside PSN, GCSx mail and more. Contact for more details.
Sharing data: Talking the same language
We can get all excited about data sharing agreements but if your person "A" is my person "2435-2245" we're in trouble if we want to scale up - which is what's happening with Troubled Families / Families in Need of Support.
Fortunately  we had a cracking session on this recently which is summarised here:
A few things to be on your radar..
NDL Awards
Some superb examples of integration and innovation emerging - more soon on this but in the meantime check out their National Digital Report 2015. See here.

New PSN CoCo goes live
The PSN beta code of compliance model has gone live. See here 

New report on "Practice of Systems Leadership" by the King's Fund.
See here

"The source of innovation is freedom"
Last speech by W Edwards Deming, via @helenbevan. See here

Mental health related incidents account for an estimated 20%-40% of police time
say @revdoors via @andrewbrown365. See here

10 Signs You’re Exceptionally Smart Though You Don’t Appear To Be
You know who you are... See here.

Upcoming Events

We've had 8 events so far this year with 15 speakers - all those talks are on the Khub. Plus, three organisations have taken up the new free lean training and 70 more people are following us on Twitter . Looking ahead we've:

The WARP forum, 12 June

Connected Procurement, 17 June

Discussing Health and Social Care Integration and Information Sharing 
Sorry - full already

SIRO training, 19 June (sorry - full already)

iNetwork Digital Conference, 22 June

Digital Managers' Forum Round-table Session, 16 July

Shaping Demand "Unconference": We are all doing it so let's share it
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