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Information Sharing & Security
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Boil away the rhetoric around devolution and it’s largely about shifting to models of joined up support for people and earlier intervention. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that how we share and use information is a key foundation piece in this new model. The organisations that manage their information well will undoubtedly be at an advantage. How is yours doing? A good place to start is to look again at information assets and determine what's most valuable.

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Building Cyber Security and Resilience in a Digital world, 22 April

After an excellent WARP meeting this month (CCTV issues anyone? ) we're following up with our annual #infosecurity conference. With speakers on the national cyber security strategy, the future of PSN, consequence management, the new EU General Data Protection Regulations and more it proposes to be a very insightful day. Register at:

What are your big issues for 2016-17?

After a good discussion at the EISS Network Leadership Group please let us know your priorities for our support in 2016-17. We've got a starter for 10 but we would like to check it works for you. See 

2nd Attempt: Digital data sharing agreements event

Having been snowed off we're rescheduling the digital data sharing agreements event for Cheshire & Merseyside for April - date to be confirmed very shortly! We'll send out a reminder when it's confirmed.


Social care digital maturity assessment 

Just launched to align with developing Health and Social Care Digital Road-map:  
Not more ransom-ware

No not Esther's undergarments (what was I thinking?) but the deluge of largely undirected phishing attacks particularly through invoices and materials from compromised and spoofed suppliers. Please ensure that you're using CiSP ( to report malicious code and for advice such as running internal awareness campaigns to stop staff clicking those links. More on this on 22 April at
iNetwork's "What Works" examples

iNetwork's "What Works" examples
We're putting your leading thinking examples online in a new "What Works" area. To start with this will include the 80 or so iNetwork Award entries and their videos. Here's a taste of the good stuff:
- Trafford's Innovation and Intelligence Lab: 
- The Information Sharing Gateway: 
- The iLinks Informatics Transformation Programme: 
See the growing list here

ICO launches new microsite on the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

As we covered at the ICO conference recently 

iStandUK (formerly LeGSB) launches a much improved website with new research papers and forums


New National Cyber Security Centre to bring UK cyber expertise together
GDS says it’s going to open up address data
DCLG's video outlines the key steps for local government in building resilience against cyber incidents
Are your suppliers registered with Cyber Essentials? Ideally Cyber Essentials Plus. Some organisations are now including this requirement in tenders: 

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