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Upcoming Events:

Ally Presentations of Learning and . . . GRADUATION!

Public Allies Class of 2014 is winding down the program year with two exciting events (YAAAY!)
Presentations of Learning (POLs) will take place between June 23rd and June 25th, followed by Graduation on Friday, June 27

For their POLs, Allies will each conduct a 15-minute presentation to a panel of judges, friends, family and the communities they serve. Specific locations will be announced at a later date via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Please RSVP by emailing designated Program Managers (below) for exact times. Help spread the word and support our dedicated, hardworking and super awesome Allies!!

New Haven:  Emily  -
Hartford:  Derek  -
Bridgeport:  RJ  -

Good Luck, Class of 2014!!

Ally Snapshot

May's Ally snapshot comes from current Ally, Melissa Joseph, 26, who serves Bridgeport. Melissa was gracious enough to share with us some of "the highs" she noted in her Monthly Service Reflection for April. She was especially proud of being selected by her program manager to make a speech on behalf of Public Allies CT for the Mayor's Recognition of National Service Day. Read on!

Melissa, congratulations on being selected to make a speech on behalf of PACT. What was your speech about?
In my speech I gave a description of the Public Allies program and what it has been like for me. I spoke about my 1st and 2nd year placement; the successes and challenges I have had. I also spoke about the values Public Allies has instilled in my fellow allies and I such as being an individual, being intentional about what you say and do, and knowing your true self. I also spoke about the love I have for my city and the opportunity Public Allies given me to create change within it.

What was the best lesson you learned from agreeing to make the speech?
For as long as I have been working, I have always been the worker bee. All about action and getting things done and once one task is complete I simply move on to the next without processing the amount of work that was done. I have never been the kind of person to do things just to get praise and or recognition; I do the work because it needs to get done. Not only is the work that we all do important, but it is also important to take time out to celebrate your accomplishments and be recognized for all that you do.

What was the position you were offered?
Program Assistant for the STRIVE For the Future Program of Career Resources.

What in particular about your training at PACT helped you accomplish some of your goals?
Overall PACT has facilitated an opportunity to work in a professional setting where I can do what I love; help others. For me PACT is not about teaching hard skills, but more about giving me the confidence to know that I can do whatever I set my mind to. As well as the confidence to know that my thoughts and ideas are valuable and relevant.

Anything else you’d like to add that might be helpful for current, past or future Allies?
Keep moving forward. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option” – Bob Marley
Thank you, Melissa and CONGRATULATIONS on your position offer!

10th Anniversary Gala Reflections

On our 10th Anniversary Gala, we asked some PACT Alumni to share what the most important leadership skill or quality they learned as an Ally was and to name one thing they planned to do in the coming year to improve their community.

Erin Arbelaez, pictured below, was kind enough to scribble down her awesome responses.  In the next couple of months, we will continue to bring you more responses we received from the Gala night.

But, we also want to hear from YOU!

Email your responses to the questions below together with your name and class and you just might get featured in our monthly newsletter or on Facebook and Twitter!

  1. What is the most important leadership skill or quality you learned or came to embrace during your time as an Ally?

  2. Name one thing you plan to do in the coming year to improve your community.



Recruitment Outreach Updates

Our program managers, Emily, RJ and Derek are well on their way to completing their last round of interviews of candidates of PACT Class of 2015!! Results will be announced by early July.

Thank you for helping us spread the word and great job to our program managers!!

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