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hey there!

note: this is our first newsletter, so it's extra long -- we're getting you all caught up the latest here at the nest! our future newsletters won't be this long ;)

It's about supper time, but I had a late lunch, so I'm hanging out in my room with Desi, my mini dachshund. I'm really enjoying the evening view from my window: golden light and slanting shadows painting stripes across a brilliant green field, and a red barn off in the distance. Yes, we're in the country.

Those of you who visit the Ravelry group regularly know this, but the rest of you don't: my family and I moved into a 100-year-old farmhouse a couple months ago. There are still boxes everywhere, but we're getting settled in and finding our daily routine.

Despite a lot of improvements and work needing to be done on the house, we still had our first dye day here not too long ago. It went really well, and we're excited with the space we have to work in now. The dyeing part is still outside, but we're more protected from the elements. The main change is that now Jenn has her own studio upstairs where she reskeins and sews.

All of that said, I feel like we're getting our footing again. And like we can really settle into a routine with Annie Yarn that will grow us in ways we haven't been able to with all the moving we've done since our dad passed away.

So we're wanting to get some new stuff in the works. Our creative juices are starting to flow again, slowly but surely, as we enjoy our new home. We've had a lot of ideas, and some of them we've already made happen. Here are a few...
Weight: Super Bulky
Fiber Content: 80/20 SW Merino/Nylon
Per Skein: 76yds/100g
As you might know already, we're going to be using this newsletter to remind you of your Annie Yarn birthday discount every year! You can add your birthday to your profile any time! :)
We also have some new yarns we're getting ready to launch as we move toward spring and summer.
We've gotten a sample skein of a new MCS base we're wanting to add to our luxury line. I dyed it up in my Amethyst Dawn colorway, and it's so gorgeous! I can't wait to knit with it!

Weight: Fingering 
Fiber Content: 70/20/10 SW Merino/Silk/Cashmere 
Per Skein: 437yds/100g 
And then I got some 20g skeins to try out new gradient sets. Each one will come with 5 mini skeins of our Madison 4-ply base. It's going to be great for gradient shawls!

Weight: Fingering 
Fiber Content: 100% SW Merino
Per Set: 437yds/100g 
As for ideas we're still working on, we've got a discussion going for sizing options for our quarterly subscription, the Woolhouse Sweater Club, which features Annie Yarn. If you're interested, check out the Ravelry thread here! I'd love to get as much feedback as I can -- and ideas too!

I'm also working on hammering out details for a new bi-monthly club. It would feature 2 skeins in either complimentary or contrasting colorways that would be a total surprise and dyed up on a mystery base. You can get the details, weigh in on the discussion, and also vote in the poll here.

I'm still thinking about what I can do with our monthly subscription. We closed it late last year because the way I set it up with brand new, exclusive colorways every month was getting to be too much for us to keep up with. But I'd like to still have a monthly option for those of you who want some surprise yarn in the mailbox every month! If you have any ideas on how to revamp it, do tell! You can reply to this e-mail or post your idea in the brainstorming thread on Ravelry. (yes, as you can see, a lot of our interactions are through Ravelry because it's so easy to keep in contact while still maintaining your privacy)

Then I had one other idea I haven't posted about yet, and that is some kind of referral program. It would be a way to get Annie Yarn into your LYS, and when they order, you'd earn free yarn for your trouble. The idea is still rolling around in my head, so if you're interested, let me know and I can start figuring out how to actually go about it.
Wow, that was a lot to write about. Is your head spinning? Mine sure is! Like the note said at the top, not all of our newsletters will be this long! Most of them will probably be pretty short because I'll be writing about things as we move forward instead of trying to catch up on things (in fact, some newsletters might simply contain a photo that links you to something awesome).

I just wanted to give you an idea of where Annie Yarn is and what we're working on so that you can be a part of our growing -- and also have a chance to make your voice heard! After all, you all are why we do what we do, so we want to make beautiful things you'll love.

I think that's all for now, so I'd better sign off. It's actually bed time now, as I had to put this down for a while! Thanks for reading! I'm looking forward to writing again. :)

Have a splendid day,
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