Don't miss Corey's Cardio Carnival class 2nite at 7:30pm...he's back!!!
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TODAY! Monday, May 2
Join us for the last workshop of this incredible series we had the pleasure to host in LA! Today's workshop will be with the fabulous Patrick Carvalho.
Thank you Ana Laidley & Samba'N'Motion for providing us with these great experiences!
Cost $25
What to bring: HAPPY FEET (and some water!)
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SUNDAY MAY 15 2016

Join us for an afternoon filled with dance, drumming, song, and story from Afro-Brazilian, Puerto Rican, and Afro-Cuban. Rachel Hernandez/Ijo Emi Dance is very excited to organize this event with the continued support of Brasil Brasil Cultural Center dedicated to enriching our collective knowledge in these popular dance traditions.  Music, dance, song and story that bring us joy and connect us to the orixa, ancestor and spirit. Dance workshops featuring 3 talented female artists in the local LA community:  Mayda Del Valle, Kati Hernandez, and Rachel Hernadez  
Drum Workshop featuring the talented Kahlil Cummings. Live drumming featuring Kahlil Cummings, Bobby Wilmore, Nikki Campbell & Dana Maman. 
$38 - Through May 8th
$50 - Starting May 9th

Individual Classes $25