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April's scan:
Race To The Bottom?

It's all Apple and Android - isn't it? Blackberry and Nokia are struggling to come back and this month we spot-llght the pair in our scan of the US Computer and Wireless Communications industries...

[XLSX 471KB] Downloads via Firefox may suggest the file is corrupted. It is not.

Coming Soon!
ArbMaker and FX autotrading

Version 2.3 arrives imminently and features semi and fully automatic trading of forex via a bridge to the MT4 platform. Cointegration and FX? Have a read of an academic view here.

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IQFeed for ArbMaker

What comes out is only as good as what goes in. Try quality-controlled data from IQ with ArbMaker. If you do make sure to put “Trent 14 day trial” as the referral information to double the trial length. Also ask us how to get 20% off your IQ sub.

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