The mission of Foster Angels is to improve the lives of children in foster care, ensuring that each child has his or her basic needs met, and to provide life-enriching and life-enhancing experiences whenever possible.
     Dec 2014
"Painting for a Purpose" December 7th 
Foster Angels of Central Texas is honored to partner with Painting with a Twist for a night of painting fun to benefit foster kids throughout Central Texas. On December 7th, Painting with a Twist is featuring Foster Angels of Central Texas as the beneficiary of a citywide "Painting for a Purpose" event. All Austin area locations (South Austin, Lakeway, North Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock) will offer a 2 hour class with 50% of the proceeds going directly to Foster Angels of Central Texas. 

Thanks to the generosity of Painting with a Twist we will continue to support foster kids throughout Central Texas in their moment of need! Come join us for a night of painting and fun with friends. We anticipate that these classes will sell out so please register in advance at
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3rd Annual 
Toys for Teens
Holiday Sponsorship Drive


For most of us, the holiday season is a welcomed time of year where we eagerly anticipate gift exchanges with friends, fun and food with family, and perfectly wrapped gifts for our loved ones to open on Christmas morning. Sadly, this excitement does not exist for most of the children in foster care. When these children wake on Christmas morning there will be no twinkling tree, no shiny presents, and no holiday meal. For them it will be another day where they are reminded of everything they do not have and of all the abuse and neglect they have encountered in years past.

This holiday season help Foster Angels provide foster youth with a Christmas they will never forget! We are excited to launch our 3rd Annual Toys for Teen Holiday Sponsorship Drive where we will be sponsoring 25 very special foster youth. With your help, Foster Angels will purchase everything from each child’s wish list. These gifts will be beautifully wrapped and delivered to these foster youth as a surprise for Christmas morning!

If you would like to sponsor a child you will receive their name and story, along with their wishlist.  Each child has requested between one and five items.  Because these children are older, each wish list does include some high ticket items (i.e. ipods, laptops, nicer clothing).  If you are unable  to provide specific gifts, but still want to sponsor a child, Foster Angels will find a way to cover any remaining items for the child. 

If you are interested in gift sponsorship, Christmas shopping for a foster youth or donating wrapping supplies for this event, please contact Hilary Roberts at or give us a call at 512.732.2329.  Happy gift giving!

Introducing: Pop-Up Birthdays! 
Reggie, 9, was removed from his mother’s abusive home and placed with his aunt just weeks before his ninth birthday. In almost 9 years, Reggie had never had a birthday party. His case manager requested a Pop-Up Birthday Party to help celebrate this special young kiddo.
Pop-Up Birthday is a new Foster Angels program created by board member, Laila Scott. Her passion for birthdays and foster children came together perfectly when she realized that so many kids in foster care never receive the opportunity to celebrate their birthday. Laila has teamed up with Foster Angels to help provide amazing birthday parties to foster children all over Central Texas. Any case manager is able to submit a request form and Laila then turns a normal plastic bin into a magical birthday box. Each themed box is neatly filled to the brim with party supplies, decorations, and beautifully wrapped birthday presents picked out specially for each child. 

Through Pop-Up Birthday, Laila ensured Reggie's first birthday party was one he would never forget. Knowing of his love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Pop-Up Birthday held a Turtle Power Party complete with pizza, presents, balloons, and cake for Reggie and his family at Deep Eddy Park. The smile on his face and the excitement in his voice was priceless. 

Foster Angels is extremely thankful to Laila and her vision for Pop-Up Birthday. Together, we continue to help create wonderful birthday memories for foster kids all over Central Texas. 



The Power of Music 

Recently, Foster Angels helped a supermom continue her quest to raise five children on her own.  Here is the story of an angel named Lydia and the power of music. 
Only minutes after Lydia sat down in her cramped living room, the unmistakable cry of a newborn echoed throughout the apartment.  As she rose from her chair to tend to two-week-old twins, Dante and Carmen, Lydia softly sang out to them.  Joseph, the twins’ older brother, played on the floor nearby.  Watching Lydia juggle these children and their needs with ease, it is evident that Lydia had done this before.  These three children, though not her own, are recent additions to her family.  After her 19-year-old niece abandoned the twins due to drug addiction, Lydia joyfully and graciously welcomed these three miracles into her home.  She is a single mom with two children of her own and struggles to make ends meet, but she is determined to provide a good home for them all.
The dining room table is covered with instruments, including a keyboard, drums, and a microphone.  A picture hanging above the table serves as a daily reminder of the importance of music: "Music is the voice of the soul." Lydia is proud of this area and credits music for helping her two middle-school-aged daughters thrive in school. She always made music available to them and has never limited the amount of time they spent on music.  She can already see that music is having a positive impact on two-year-old Joseph. 
“Joseph was placed with a foster family before joining my family,” Lydia said.  “They gave him up because he was a behavior problem.  He has not been a problem at all for me.”  Joseph is not yet talking (possibly due to the trauma he has experienced), but he is beginning to express himself through play and music in his new environment. 
Many would see these children as additional and unwelcome financial burdens, but not Lydia.  Lydia hopes to make her home their forever home.  “These children did not choose their circumstances. It is my responsibility to make sure that they are not defined by them.  You never know, one of these kids could be the future president.  It is my job to prepare them for whatever life brings.”

Foster Angels was able help Lydia in her critical moment of need when we provided her with kids clothes, diapers, toys, and infant formula the three children so desperately needed. We hope that in helping her she can continue to provide them a home filled with love and music. 

Gift Wrapping at Barnes & Noble
Come support Foster Angels at Barnes and Noble!  Foster Angels will provide gift wrapping for Barnes and Noble purchases in exchange for a small donation at:
Arboretum Barnes and Noble (10000 Research Blvd #158)
Saturday, December 13th from 9am - 2pm
Thursday, December 18th from 6pm - 10pm 
This is a great way to support foster children in our community during the holiday season.  Special thanks to the National Charity League for volunteering their time to make these events happen! 


2014 Grants

We would like to thank the following foundations for their support this year:

The Ed Rachal Foundation
Women's Fund of Central Texas
EZCorp of Central Texas 
Topher Family Foundation
RGK Foundation
State Farm Companies Foundation
The Lowe Foundation
The Lola Wright Foundation
Donald D. Hammill Foundation
HEB Foundation
Carl C. Anderson, Sr. and Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation
Ed Rachel Foundation
Wright Family Foundation
Sheield-Ayres Foundation
eBay Foundation
The Trull Foundation 

How You Can Help
Foster Angels relies on donations from people like you in order to continue to help abused and neglected children in need.  Foster Angels is an efficiently run non-profit with one paid employee, dedicated volunteers, donated office space, and very little overhead!  You can donate by cash, check, credit card, or even donate in honor or in memory of a loved one.