I want to let you know about my new project, to gather and share information on 3rd Ward's outstanding debts.
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I'd like to hear your 3rd Ward stories.



Tech-company Livestream recently moved to 195 Morgan Avenue, telling The New York Times it wanted to reach out to 3rd Ward's community, possibly invite 3rd Ward teachers  to fill empty classrooms. My first impression? Well, duh. What mega-corporation wouldn't want to be friends with local and influential creators?

But also, based on conversations I had with many of you at the Brooklyn Brewery meeting and afterward, I feel there is a public misconception about "the 3rd Ward community." When I think of the phrase "3rd Ward community," I think about all the people who are still owed money. 

How much?

No one ever reported how much 3rd Ward owes its teachers, members and students. The amount owed to any one person might be $100 here, $3,500 there. But all together, was this "community" stuck with a bill for $20,000, $50,000, more? When a company as large as Livestream starts name-checking 3rd Ward to rebrand itself "Brooklyn," isn't this relevant?

I'd like to come up with this number and write about it. Will you please help?

The debts 3rd Ward owes to teachers & students & members are an underreported but important part of the legacy and myth of 3rd-Ward-the-brand.

What's the writing project?
I don't know exactly, because your input will be part of my research. Primarily, I want to gather information and share it.

I'm seeking...

How much does 3rd Ward owe you? You, your friends, your teachers, the co-working businesses, studio tenants, vendors, 3W Philly members?

Did your invoices get paid? Did you try to file a claim or collect? Were your memberships or class fees refunded? Did anyone respond to calls or emails? Where are you working or teaching now, have you moved? What have you been up to since 3rd Ward closed?

This is a small mailing list. Can you please forward this email to friends and acquaintances who might want to share their story or numbers with me for this project? Can you mention the project on social media or your blog? 3W Philly—where are you? Can I include you, too?

Note on privacy:
I am seeking to gather a total, not to disclose individual financials, and I respect your privacy. Please ask me if you have concerns about participating.

writing@robingrearson.com. Please join the mailing list to receive updates on the project.

THANK YOU for your time. Please keep in touch. If there is a resource I can connect you with, please let me know and I'll try.




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