December 2011


BIBLE Counseling
Does the Bible have the answers you need for everyday living?  We believe it does!  See below for BIBLE Counseling training opportunities.


Upcoming BIBLE Counseling Webinars

Start the new year with a commitment to learning how to help others!  We'll be hosting 8 live biblical counseling training webinars on Monday nights starting January 2, 2012.  The webinars will be approximately one hour and fifteen minutes long each night (a total of 10 hours for the entire series), and they will begin at 8 pm Eastern time (that's 7 Central, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific).  The webinars will be recorded so if the live date and time doesn't fit into your schedule, you can always view the recorded version.  Session number 1, "An Introduction to Biblical Counseling," will be FREE so invite your friends!

Pain Relief

BIBLE Counseling Webinars

We all have our own way to deal with life's disappointments.  Sometimes we learn our means of coping from those who raised us. Sometimes we learn them from our friends.  Most of the time we stick with them because they relieve our pain to some degree.

Pain is not always a bad thing, though.  It can help to alert us to things that we need to confront.  While numbing the pain or relieving it through some coping mechanism might make us feel better temporarily, it doesn't help us deal with the root problem.

Imagine a patient who walks into the doctor's office with a rubber band wrapped tightly around their finger.  The patient complains of finger pain.  The doctor has two choices.  He can give the patient a medicine that will dull or even eliminate the pain for a short time, or he can deal with the root cause of the pain and remove the rubber band.

When we work with others, we need to remember that God has not caused us to give temporary fixes.  Our ultimate goal is to move them closer to God so they will become more available to what He wants to do in their lives.

He doesn't promise our lives will be pain free, but He does promise to finish His good work in us in His timing.  (Philippians 1:6)

BIBLE Counseling Training DVD Series

In January, our first BIBLE Counseling Training DVD, "An Introduction to Biblical Counseling," will be released.  These DVDs will be based on our training webinars.  They will be available through Chalkboard Productions.

BIBLE Counseling Book 

  BIBLE Counseling book
  Available through
BIBLE Counseling Webinars


8:00 to 9:15 pm eastern
January 2- February 20, 2012
Monday nights


Click HERE on January 2
for the FREE first session.


Session 1  January 2
   An Introduction to BIBLE Counseling
   Seventh Day Adventism
   Oneness Pentecostalism
   The Root of Legalism

Session 2  January 9
   The Self-Esteem Trap
   Suicidal Thoughts
   Healing the Wounds of Sexual Abuse

Session 3  January 16
   The Bible and MPD
   Bipolar Disorder
   Other Psychological Diagnoses

Session 4  January 23
   Helping Victims of Physical Abuse
   Marital Problems
   Addictions (including eating problems and pornography addiction)

Session 5  January 30
   The Basics of Christianity
   The Defense of the Gospel

Session 6  February 6
   The Root of All Cults: Paganism
   The Occult
   New Age
   Eastern Religions

Session 7  February 13
   Pseudo-Christian Forms of Paganism
   Jehovah's Witnesses
   Roman Catholicism
   The Word/Faith (Name It Claim It) Movement

Session 8  February 20
   Creationism vs. Evolution
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