May 14-25, 2011
Advancing Women’s Human Rights, Racial Justice and Social Welfare

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We invite you to travel to Cuba with the US Women & Cuba Collaboration, participate in the VII International Conference Women in the 21st Century at the University of Havana and explore – across the island – Cuba’s models to advance women’s human rights, racial justice and social welfare.

The Delegation: This will be a 12-day delegation for up to 25 women, and is expected to cost around $2000-$2,500, plus roundtrip airfare from our US destination.  Per US government guidelines for travel to Cuba, our delegation will be arranged by Marazul Charters, a Travel Service Provider (TSP) licensed by the US Treasury Department.  This tour is designed for women who are “full-time professionals conducting research in their fields” such as community organizers, educators, social and health care workers, artists and musicians, businesswomen, public policy makers and advocates. Our delegation will be as diverse as possible in terms of race, age and life experiences.

Cindy Domingo and Jan Strout, co-founders of the US Women & Cuba Collaboration, have been leading successful women's delegations to Cuba
and other nations in Latin America for over 15 years.  Final information and applications for this delegation will be available soon; anticipated deadline is end of March.  For further details, email

Tentative Program Highlights:
  • 12 days of living and learning experiences in Havana, Santa Clara, Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba provinces
  • Possible site visits include maternal and child care centers, family doctors, CENESEX (National Center for Sex Education), Latin American Medical School (ELAM), Museum of Literacy, Offices of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in various cities; Union of Artists and Writers, models of community development, women-centered sites of the Cuban Revolution, programs for young women and women of the Third Age/seniors.
  • We will participate in the VII International Conference Women in the 21st Century organized by the University of Havana Program in Women’s Studies and the Federation of Cuban Women featuring a rich exchange of perspectives, research and strategies among US, Cuban and other international women.  (Conference announcement and call for proposals:
  • This travel experience will integrate plans and commitments for individual and delegation work back in the US, particularly to impact US policy toward Cuba with a goal of creating travel freedom, establishing women’s projects across borders and fostering just and peaceful relations.
Our mission is to build a strong US women's movement dedicated to ending the US government
blockade of Cuba and to creating mutually beneficial US-Cuba relations; our work is rooted in
the concept of universal human rights, racial and economic justice, and women's rights.


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In the spirit of friendship and solidarity,
Cindy, Jan, Kamilah and Victoria



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