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Tell Congress: End the Embargo!

Only Congress can finally end the US economic blockade of Cuba that results from a series of laws passed over the past decades. President Obama has done much work to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba but we need Congress to remove sanctions created by the Torricelli Act (1992), the Helms-Burton Act (1996) and TRSA, the Trade Sanctions Act (2000).  Recent polls, even among Cuban Americans, show that the majority of US citizens support free trade and travel. Take five minutes to call or mail your Congressmembers to ask them to support current bills that will repeal legislation enforcing the embargo. More information at these links:
      Current Bills to End the Blockade
      Take Action! Contact Congress!

Confluence |
Conscience, Color, Cuba

Angela Gilliam, PhD, Professor Emerita (TESC) and international scholar on issues of race, writes about race dialogue in the lives of people of African descent in Cuba today, including ways they have been able to use Cuba's rich history of mobilization against discrimination and racial prejudice to combat recent efforts by the US National Endowment for Democracy to manipulate race discourse about Cuba in the media. Professor Gilliam is an active member of the Collaboration. Read her article here

A Year Without Sundays

Filmmaker and author Catherine Murphy is a Collaboration Steering Committee member who has recently published a book of images and first person accounts from Cuba's 1961 Literacy Campaign. A Year Without Sundays features numerous archival photographs, the testimonies of Campaign participants, an introductory essay by the great Cuban poet and Campaign participant Nancy Morejon, and a DVD of selected moments from Murphy's acclaimed film Maestra. You can order her book here

Cuba Life Travels

Caridad Morales Nussa is a member of the Collaboration's National Steering Committee and a Cuban American with a long history as a respected travel guide in Cuba. She and Jasmin Torres, her business partner in Cuba Life Travels, offer consular services, expert consultation on Cuba, as well as travel arrangements and flight ticket sales. Tour packages vary from their recent Pope Francis pilgrimage, to a current international trade fair, to weekend getaways, to educational tours and tours designed for lawyers, artists, seniors, and more.  See their website for more information.
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