U.S. Women & Cuba Collaboration:
Building a U.S. Women’s Movement for Cuba

December 2015

Dear Friends of the Collaboration,
We have witnessed an amazing year for US-Cuba relations! Our efforts in solidarity with you and many others doing US-Cuba work have prompted President Obama's administration to make significant changes in US-Cuba diplomacy, changes that offer new hope and new possibilities for a future of normalized relations between our countries.  Our spirits are high as we continue the joyful work of growing diverse US women’s leadership, sisterhood and solidarity with women of Cuba and the Americas, and as we persevere in the remaining work to actually end the US blockade and end US travel restrictions.

This is our annual appeal to your financial generosity. The Collaboration is an all-volunteer group so please know that every dollar you contribute makes a difference in what we can do.  
The first 10 people to donate $100 or more will receive an
autographed copy of Catherine Murphy's new book of photos and
stories of the 1961 Cuban Literacy Campaign! (book details
Visit our website to learn more about our recent Accomplishments, Campaigns, and eNews. Following are a few 2015 highlights and 2016 plans:
  1. Delegations: Collaboration delegations each year take US citizens to Cuba to meet and interact with Cuban citizens, and to bring back to their US communities information about Cuban realities via report backs, social media, house parties, publications, and word of mouth.
  2. Cuban Visitor Tours: Gender Studies scholar Norma Vasallo was our guest for a national tour this year, and she spoke to welcoming audiences in both east and west coast cities about new economic realities for Cuban women as well as other topics.  In 2016 we will bring Luisa Campos, Director of the Cuban Literacy Museum, for a US Speaking Tour.
  3. Legislative Advocacy: Working with the Latin America Working Group (LAWG), we recruit Collaboration members across the US to join us in lobbying their Congress members and writing and speaking in public forums to advocate for an end to the embargo and an end to travel restrictions for US citizens.    
  4. Lesbians and Allies Project: Networking continues with lesbian organizations across Cuba including Las Isabelas in Santiago and Oremi in Havana. This fall we delivered laptops, humanitarian aid and office supplies to assist this network in their communications with one other and to advance their research on our proposed documentary project.
  5. ELAM Doctor Solidarity Project: We are helping support a recent Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) graduate in her pursuit of US medical licensing and her future practice as a doctor to underserved communities. 
We understand that you have a number of important causes you support. 
Please count us among them.
Donation checks should be written to LELO and mailed to the address below. Please include "US Women & Cuba Collaboration" on the memo line of your check.

     (US Women & Cuba Collaboration Project)
     P.O. Box 28489 
     Seattle WA 98118

We deeply appreciate your generosity and vision!
With gratitude,
Caridad, Carmela, Catherine, Cindy, Jan, Moon, Nataka, Pamela, Victoria
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