Cuban Feminist Scholar Tours US April 20-May 27

Noted University of Havana Women's Studies Professor To Visit Nine U.S. Cities

Dr. Norma Vasallo Baruetta, PhD, 2014 U.S. Tour Norma Vasallo Baruetta

Norma Vasallo Barrueta, PhD, Professor of Social Psychology and Women’s Studies at the University of Havana, and Chair of the Women's Studies Department will tour the U.S. during mid-April through May, sponsored by the US Women and Cuba Collaboration.

Dr. Vasallo is also the Convener and Organizer of the Women in the 21st Century 
International Gender Conferences, held biennially in Cuba and hosted by the Federation of Cuban Women and the University of Havana.  These conferences regularly attract hundreds of women and men from around the world including many women who have been part of past delegations by the US Women & Cuba Collaboration. 

This tour will take her to campus and community events in Bozeman MT, Seattle WA, Portland OR, Indianapolis IN, Washington DC, Baltimore MD, New York NY, Philadelphia PA, and Chicago IL. In Chicago she will present at the Latin America Studies Association (LASA) Conference in late May.

Dr. Vasallo has been a central figure in the integration of multicultural gender studies perspectives into the curriculum of the University of Havana system in Cuba. She is an international scholar in gender issues and social psychology.

She has recently released her new book, Ecos distantes, voces cercanas, miradas feministas (Distant Echoes, Nearby Voices, Feminist Gazes).  Other books include Behavioral Disorders: A Psychosocial Approach; Cuban Women: History, Contradictions and Contemporary Changes; Crisis, Economic Changes and the Subjectivity of Cuban Women.  Her visit is an opportunity for US citizens to exchange experiences with a Cuban expert on Cuban women, feminism, and global women’s movements as well as issues of social psychology and the Cuban economy.

Please check our Website and Facebook for updates about events in each city Dr. Vasallo visits, and feel free to contact us for additional information.

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Support Cuban Women Speaking for Themselves!

Bringing Cuban women to the United States to speak for themselves is a priority issue for the Collaboration and all who care about the realities of Cuban women's lives.  After organizing for more than six months, we are thrilled that next week Dr. Norma Vasallo will be here to talk to audiences in nine cities across the US.  Dr. Vasallo is a compañera who has inspired us over many years with her leadership of the Women in the 21st Century international conferences and her scholarship on gender, race, sexuality and the status of Cuban women. 
Working locally and nationally as an all-volunteer non-governmental organization, the US Women and Cuba Collaboration helped Dr. Vasallo obtain her US Visa and we organized a comprehensive multi-city campus and community Speaking Tour for her.  Her audiences will learn about the accomplishments of Cuban women within the Cuban Revolution as well as their struggles after 53 years of the US government blockade.  The tour we have arranged will educate audiences about US-Cuba relations, the right to travel, the campaign to Free the Cuban Five, US ratification of CEDAW/The Women's Treaty, and building sisterhood and solidarity across borders. 
With your support, we can continue to bring Cuban women such as Norma Vasallo to visit the US.  Your contributions help us with Speaking Tour expenses such as US Visa applications for visitors ($156), air and ground travel expenses ($200-500 each leg for nine cities), and the many daily expenses of hosting visitors, providing meals and other necessary items (up to $100 a day for the 5 weeks of this tour).  
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Maestra (Teacher) now on DVD

Catherine Murphy's documentary Maestra now available on DVD from Women Make Movies 
For info:

250,000 volunteer teachers joined the 1961 national literacy campaign in Cuba. Almost half of them were under 18 and over half of them were women. Together they taught a nation to read and write, and their lives would never be the same.

MAESTRA is a 33-minute documentary that explores the experience of nine women who were brigadistas in the campaign as young girls.  Film producer Catherine Murphy uses interviews, recorded testimonials, and powerful archival footage that took years to compile to tell this story that personifies the hopes and dreams of a nation, and the will and courage of the young women who made this monumental endeavor possible.

The women speak profoundly about how this experience changed the way they saw themselves as women and their notions about what they could strive for in life. And all of them insist this was the most important thing they have ever done.

Maestra Website
Two-minute Trailer
CM interview from Traverse City Film Festival

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