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I don't send out Christmas cards.  It started with being a single mom and unable to afford them.  As the years progressed, I just never had enough time to get them organized and out the door into postal boxes.  For several years now, I have sent e-cards to my closest folks - but not for Christmas.  No, for me the most exciting day of this holiday period remains New Years.

New Years is like waking up in the morning (hopefully) refreshed from a night's sleep with the potential of an entire day ahead.  Hours and hours are laid out in front of you with which to move one's life forward embracing the triumph of and moving away from the difficulties of yesterday. New Years is like a brand new morning.  I embrace it with great hope for what the year will bring to my life.

My New Years' Eve will be spent contemplating what I hope to bring into my life in the next twelve months.  Most often, I write down my desires clearly in point form.  Usually, there are four to seven different items which I tuck away to be open the following New Year's Eve.  Each year, I am surprised to compare my list to what actually occurred.  Without thinking about it,throughout the year, I have (almost without fail) been able to check off each item. 

This year in the company of a few of my friends I will be creating my list and tucking it away.  I will then embrace 2011 full of hope, promise, and anticipation.

That said, let me take this time to extend my deepest thanks to all who have helped make 2010 grand including those who attended my shows, accepted my work into exhibitions, participated in panel discussions, helped install and/or light my are exhibits, came to the Expressive Arts Group, visited my studio, took my drawing class, and/or most importantly bought my work.  I am grateful to you all.  Because of you, my art practice is growing in leaps and bounds - and that makes me truly, one happy, beaming artist.

Thank you.

Congratulations to Denise Fairey from Vancouver, BC who won the Bag O' Art from the Women's Winter Faire which included ~$175 worth of Bernadine's art.

Studio Visits

If you couldn't make it to the Eastside Culture Crawl or the Women's Winter Faire in 2010 and would like to come to my studio for a visit, please let me know and we can schedule one in 2011.  Studio visits are always welcome 

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In December, Bernadine's Blog covered issues on Respect, The Fragility of Communication, Spiritual Gifts, Christmas 2010, and the most recent one entitled, Life Lessons.

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I am looking forward to what 2011 will bring.

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Only two Raven paintings left from the original series of ten (10 x 10").

Ravens 10" x 10"

Bold As Love 30" x 24"

Always On My Mind 36" x 18"


Other Upcoming
Exhibitions & Events
for Bernadine

Firehall Arts Theatre
April 12, 2011
Vancouver BC
Details TBA

January Drawing Class

(for the Mature Student 45+)
Starts January 15 for 8 weeks
Saturdays 10 am to noon
Details or to register online visit

or call 604 874-2587.

April Drawing Class
(for the Mature Student 45+)
Starts April 16 for 8 weeks
Saturdays 10 am to noon
Details or to register online visit

or call 604 874-2587.


Bernadine accepts payment plans, all major credit cards, and payments via PayPal.

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