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Art Exhibit Opening

Wednesday, Oct 3, 2012
6-8 pm

"Home" and "Pears"

The Cultch
1895 Venables St. Vancouver BC

runs until Oct 21st

From the time I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by the ways in which we interact with each other and the differences between how we do that within our home environment and while out and about in the world.  This exhibition has some of my work from two paintings series: Home & Pears.  

Home: Perfect Seal (24 x 24: Oil on Canvas $1584)

Home: It is the seat of our political landscape.  Home is where it all starts.  It is where what we know about our world and what we believe about how it should operate (and who should do what when and who shouldn't be allowed to do what when) begins.  Our politics are announced with the residential area we live in., right down to the dishware we chose.  The makeup of our family and how we address them tells others who we are.  Each painting that hangs in our house and which books we leave out on display announces are educational level and focus. The car we drive and park in the front, how we dress our children and where we insist they go to school all provide pieces of information that others use to understand us. 

      Home: Candles and Old Books (18x36" Oil on Canvas $1685)

So while, most often, "home" conjures up Norman Rockwellian images of turkey feasts surrounded by family at the dining room table with sugar plums and happy times.... home is actually more often than not the place where we are birthed into the world as human beings with all the mess, pain, missteps, loves, heartaches, regrets contained in this vessel and surrounded by those who either love us unconditionally despite it all or disapprove of us regardless of what heroes we become.  For me, it feels like a political act to wake up every morning as a woman and put my feet on the floor beside my bed lifting my body erect and facing the world one more day knowing that at least ten times in the next 24 hours ahead of me, I will face some form of inequality because I was born with a vagina.  

Pears: Human Bonding 1 (24 x 36" oil on canvas $2246)

Pears:  In Christian iconography it was a metaphor for sacred trees.  In the Hebrew bible, it wasn't an apple that Eve ate but apparently a pear.  They have been noted to be sacred to Hera, Aphrodite, and Pomona and in ancient China pears were "a symbol of immortality."

Scientists believe that nonverbal communication makes a significantly higher proportion of our shared language than the words we use.  In this series, I am exploring human body posturing though the use of positioning pears to convey information about how we communicate with each other nonverbally. 
          Pears: Orange and Blue (12 x 24" Oil on Canvas $748)

I hope you can make it out to see these newer pieces of mine. 


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For the months of Septemer , October and the first part of  November, the three pear paintings to the left are on display at this Vancity branch.

The Cultch
1895 Venables St. Vancouver BC
Oct 2 - 21st, 2012
Opening Oct 3rd (6-8pm)
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