Bernadine Fox: Fine Art Oil Painter and Mixed Media Assemblage Artist
BERNADINE FOX hails from a place that is so flat you can see company coming ten miles away. She grew wiry, unruly, and fascinated by the human condition.  Ethnographic-based, Bernadine’s work weaves colours, objects, words, constructing narratives that examine the cultural issues faced by the modern world.  Seasoned with a well-lived life, her abnormal childhood, an unusual background, and a willingness to examine tough issues, she offers a fresh socio-political portrayal of our culture and an intimate entry point into the human psyche. 
Bernadine is not young and, thus, her work is aptly aged with decades of unique experiences born out of a willingness to push beyond the norms of convention.  Her work is an unflinching investigation into the human condition (good: ugly) that engages the viewer in critical discourses (sometimes private: sometimes public) on topics such as children of drug addicts, dissociative identities, and what signifies “home” while refusing to exploit all-too-easy forms of sensationalism. A graduate of Emily Carr, her work is held in private collections in NY, CA, TO, BC, and Australia. She works out of William Street Studios in East Vancouver, BC.

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of Bernadine's online store

This year's CRAWL for me was a celebration of sight.  For several years now my vision has diminished and was recently restored with surgery.  I am happily back at my art.
Until Dec 27 2015, I am offering

25% OFF
of any item in the store

I have created a new line of work specifically designed for the world-wide market.  This online shop includes mounted photographs of digital collages, prints of affirmations, vintage brass bookmarks, book-art, mixed-media collage, smallish paintings, and prints. The price points range from $9.50 to $500.  Follow the link below to get to my shop.  I launched my online store during the CRAWL 2015 in my studio at #7, 1310 William St. Vancouver BC.

I wanted to create original fine art that was accessible and affordable to everyone who wants to buy it.  Everything about these series is affordable right down to the amount of space it takes on your walls and the shipping.  What you won't find is a lack in quality.  So big value for your dollar.

Here is some of the art that you will find for sale online.  If you want more information about any of them - click on the image. Each one is representative of several more like it in the shop.

These are digital collages that are reprinted and mounted onto 6x6" and 4x4" wood panels.  They make delightful additions to those corners of your home that need some inspirational light and colour.  Regular price $12-19.  Sale price $9-14.25

I collect old books.  The image above is from a series called Jane Eyre's Heart which uses pages from the second edition of this book.  Check it out online to see more of them.  Regular price $ 47.  Sale price $35.25

Below is a close up from a piece in the Weather Hearts series.  You know someone who is always going out on a limb, jumping into something with two feet, or taking that risk?  This series is in honour of them.  Regular price $30 - 55.  Sale price $22.75-41.25

My child is involved in musical theatre and as such, I am in involved in musical theatre.  I designed a series of art objects which include vintage music scores from the1920s and 30s.  Come take a look at them.  Regular price  $9.50 to $18.  Sale price $7.13 to $14.50

Many years ago, I made mixed-media collages that were called 'wall jewelry."  They were 1.5" square.  I have taken several of the most popular images and blown them up to 6x6" and 4x4" sizes.  Cost?  $12 to 19... and then there is the 25% off....  $9-14.25

The series below was a play on patterns where I pushed the boundaries of what colour/image/pattern I could put with another.  The result?  An eclectic, innovative, delightful set of original mix-media collages to brighten a small corner of your world.  They are $26/each.  Buy several and you be the creator of a space on your wall where you are also pushing the boundaries of what patterns you can put with another.  Sale price $19.50

Love By.... speaks for itself.  Quotes from notable people like Buddha and Mother Teresa on what is love.  What is love? Sale price $33.75
Screenshot of Etsy shop with some examples
of the artwork it offers.
I launched my online store at the Crawl this past weekend.  It was very successful.  People raved over the necklaces with vintage music scores.  They loved the Weathered Hearts.  The mixed bag of patterns in Heart Heart Heart... made folks smile.  Several items in a series completely sold out and I have ordered more supplies to create a new batches.   Some come take a look. 

I am offering 25% off during the launch of my Etsy shop (until Dec 27, 2015) on all purchases. These make great Christmas/Holiday gifts.  So when you are done shopping - forward this email to someone you think will also enjoy what they can find in my new online store.
25% off


If you are interested in some of my larger works of art, please visit my online portfolio at



Bernadine is at it again!  The Eastside Culture Crawl Nov 19th to 22nd (Thurs to Sun) 2015.  You will find her at #7, 1310 William St. at William Clark Studios. 
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#7, 1310 William
Vancouver, BC
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