The Pear: Immortality, female symbol 

Many artists have used the pear as subject matter.  I find myself drawn back to them over and over.  There is something splendid in how their shapes carve out the air around their edges and how when set next to each other they begin to imply relationships.  I am not the only one intriqued by pears. In Greek and Roman mythology, three goddesses (Hera, Aphrodite, and Pomona) considered this magical fruit sacred.  In Europe, it is traditional for parents to plant an apple tree upon the birth of their son.  But for a girl?  They plant a pear tree.  And in acient China, the pear was considered to be a symbol of immortality. 

As per usual, I start with a canvas prepped with black gesso.  For me the act of painting in how light hits the objects as opposed to creating the darkness is appealing.  I use a white pencil crayon to plot out the composition.  Pencil crayon works perfectly because it is soluble with solvent and, therefore, eventually disappears and/or works into the oil paint. 

I then begin by painting in the areas where the light hits the objects.

Next I lay down the initial mid-range of colours.  In this case, it is the mid-greens and browsn.  

I add some colour and model the objects a bit finer. 

Then I add back in shadows and highlights.  

I punch up both the shadows and the highlights and then finish off the background.  The final step?  I hang them up in my studio fro a couple weeks and let them brew.  I might go back in and touch them up here or there or not.  Eventually, they will declare themselves down, the brushes will be put aside, and the varnish applied.  Then they wait for someone to come along and take them home. 

It's "pear"

This pair of pears, painted simulatneously, are both oil on canvas, are 24" x 36" and are priced at $2,246.  What I truly love about doing these types of paintings is that the style lends itself to the use of very large brushes which makes for expressive brushwork. 

This eBlast is late getting out as we have had several computer difficulties over the last few weeks: both computers, cell phone and landline all toasted at the same time!.  Hopefully, everything is back on track. Was there some kind of electrical storm hitting our celestial lives wreaking havoc on all manner of electronics?

Images:  Pears: Bonding I & II, 24 x 36" oil on canvas,

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