Bernadine Fox: Fine Art Oil Painter and Mixed Media Assemblage Artist
BERNADINE FOX hails from a place that is so flat you can see company coming ten miles away. She grew wiry, unruly, and fascinated by the human condition.  Ethnographic-based, Bernadine’s work weaves colours, objects, words, constructing narratives that examine the cultural issues faced by the modern world.  Seasoned with a well-lived life, her abnormal childhood, an unusual background, and a willingness to examine tough issues, she offers a fresh socio-political portrayal of our culture and an intimate entry point into the human psyche. 
Bernadine is not young and, thus, her work is aptly aged with decades of unique experiences born out of a willingness to push beyond the norms of convention.  Her work is an unflinching investigation into the human condition (good: ugly) that engages the viewer in critical discourses (sometimes private: sometimes public) on topics such as children of drug addicts, dissociative identities, and what signifies “home” while refusing to exploit all-too-easy forms of sensationalism. A graduate of Emily Carr, her work is held in private collections in NY, CA, TO, BC, and Australia. She works out of William Street Studios in East Vancouver, BC.

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Bernadine's eBlast

© Bernadine Fox

The "missed" Renegade/Drift Art Show:
I was set to participate in Renegade's first Art Show in their building on W 2nd Ave in Vancouver.  But with Avy suddenly going back to school with the strike over, my schedule went a little haywire and I was unable.  Instead, I have decided to offer the art available at the Renegade for sale online. 

Ravens:  My Raven series is extremely popular.  Often these sell out quickly during events such as Women's Winter Faire and the Eastside Culture Crawl.  They are 10 x 10" acrylic and conte on wood panel.   The ones for sale may be different than the ones pictured here.  If you would like to see what is for sale click here to go to that sales page.

Original Raven Art:

Cost  $55.00/each (unframed)
(all images © Bernadine Fox)
Raven Tiles:

This year I have taken this series a little farther and have transferred the Raven series onto wall tiles which are varnished and equipped with hooks to hang them on the wall.  

(all images © Bernadine Fox)

Below are the Ravens that will be transferred to stone tiles (4 x 4").  See examples above.  They will be available at the Crawl, however, if you want to beat the rush and make sure you get the one you want, you can order them from me directly.  Simply click on the raven tile you want and you will be taken to a page where you can order them directly.  All tiles will be shipped within 48 hours.
(all images © Bernadine Fox)
Cost:  $25.00/each

Raven Magnetic Postcards and (2015) Calendars:

I became known as the postcard queen.  Instead of business cards, I reproduced many of my works of art onto postcards which have been collected at the Crawl by hundreds of people over the last many years.  These are reproductions of my Ravens onto magnetic postcards and calendars.  They are 139 x 107 mm or approx 5.5" x 4".  Great for the fridge or filing cabinet.  $4.50/each including shipping.
(all images © Bernadine Fox)

Cost: $4.50/each

Paintings at Wholesale Costs

I am trying to reduce my inventory and clear out some of my older pieces by selling them directly to buyers. Every eBlast, for the next several months, will include either a painting or series of small pieces that I will offer at wholesale prices that basically removes a gallery's commission (60-40%).  Below you will see the three pieces I am offering right now at wholesale prices.
(all images © Bernadine Fox)
Regular Price (left to right): $25 / $35 / $25
Wholesale prices (as a collection) ~40% less: $50

To buy now....


As is true for all of my work, all art is guaranteed with a 15-day refund for any piece with which you are not completely satisfied.  Work can be shipped anywhere.  Shipping costs outside the lower mainland will be applied to the cost of the work.  Email us to find out how much that will be prior to ordering the products.  Within the Lower Mainland, work can be delivered to your home/office.

New Work
In addition to my Raven series, I have tried a couple new, more commercial items.  The first one offered is:

Miniature Abstract Wearable Art:
(all images © Bernadine Fox)
Cost $15.00/each
These necklaces frame one miniature abstract signed by myself (the artist).  I don't usually do abstracts.  I was drawn to creating these as a means of paying homage to the magical bits we artists find within our work that are sometimes so small they are not noticed by the average viewer.  I have extracted those magical bits and housed them in small wearable frames that come with a black chain.  These do not have to be worn to be appreciated.  As we all downsize our homes, these small miniature works of art come with a ring so that they can be hung in those small spaces.  Check out Bernadine's website to see what miniature abstract pieces are available. 

New Series:
I am currently working on a series of mixed media assemblage pieces that explore the attitudes prevalent in the 1950s toward women drawing parallels to our contemporary world.  Images coming next eBlast.  These works will be placed for sale online as soon as the series is completed.  Hopefully, in time for the Crawl.


Artist's Joke


Bernadine has been asked to curate an upcoming exhibition on being happy.  More details to come. 
Mailing address:
#7, 1310 William
Vancouver, BC
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