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A Happy New Year Wish
for everyone from Bernadine...

... may 2012 unfold every long-held wish, see the attainment of hard won goals, bring joy and intimacy into your closest relationships, release old and unnecessary patterns, and experience your soul reaching for your greatest potential.

Bernadine Fox BFA @ her studio
(photo by Valerie Arntzen)

So, what's up for Bernadine these days?
Two courses, Three Exhibitions, and Two workshops!
(see below)

Bernadine still has room in two upcoming courses.  If you have considered taking one but haven't up until now - now is the time to sign up.  Also, despite the fact that the biggest gift-giving season has come and gone, these courses make great gift ideas for someone who has thought of doing it, talked of doing it, but has not signed themselves up - do it for them!

Bernadine is facilitating a NEW course

Painting BootCamp

Jan 25th to Feb 29th:

6 Wednesdays 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
(seats only available until Jan 18th! - register now)

Bernadine is about to offer the first only Painting Bootcamp for artists. This six week course is designed to take your painting to the next level. Regardless of whether or not you are a figurative, abstract, or landscape painter, this course will shake up what you are doing and help you to discover where you next need to go. Bootcamp implies hard, strenuous, sweat-producing exercising. Creatively it means stretching beyond your comfort level, experimenting with new ideas or new materials, confronting your fear of different genres or those places where you believe you can’t go and then simply going there. Needless to say, it ain’t for creative sissies.


This course is suitable for anyone who wants to shake up their work.  Throw yourself into different styles of painting and push yourself to paint quickly.  Expose your work to new ideas and new ways of working.  Get back into your painting groove while trying on different techniques and styles of painting.


You can use whatever medium you feel most comfortable with and/or want to experiment with.. Painting occurs outside of class time. Classes are structured to include an instructional lecture on upcoming exercise and handout. Participants will be expected to produce one painting a week and bring it to class to take part in a group constructive feedback. The latter is designed to be empowering and positive.  All of this occurs within a supportive environment and small class size (6 max). By the end of six weeks, you will see a positive impact on your work.


Prerequisites?  Some painting experience. If in doubt, please contact Bernadine @ or 778 869-0733 (if no answer leave a message and I will get right back to you).


Bernadine's Drawing for the Mature Student (45+)

Feb 4th to Mar 10th:

6 Saturdays 10 am to noon

Drawing is the foundation of all art forms.  It strengthens our hand/eye coordination.  This drawing course focuses on training your eyes to see, your brain to interpret, and your hands to create.  The objective is to introduce (or reintroduce) you to a variety of drawing exercises designed to improve your skills through an analysis of what is being seen and how that is interpreted on paper.  By employing these drawing exercises, you will see a dramatic improvement in your drawing ability within a short period of time. 

This class is geared towards both experienced and inexperienced individuals (over 45) who are looking for a supportive environment to practice, rediscover, and/or engage their creative drawing ability. 

For Both Classes -

Course Details
Cost: $185.000.  Pre-registration is required. 
Time:  as noted above
Dates:  as noted above
Number of sessions:  six            Class Size Limit: six
Location:  William Clark Studios, #7, 1310 Williams, Vancouver BC         

Payment can be by cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard, Paypal, or installments.  Can pay online.

Cancellations:  A $45 administration fee will be charged on all cancellations.  No refunds when cancellation is received within 48 hours of the first day of class.
For more information visit


My paintings Pears Bonding I and II were accepted into the curated exhibition at Gallery Gachet  entitled Dissolve/Thrive and are available for viewing from December 9th to January 19th 2012.  More information can be found at Gachet's website. 

The "F" Word is a group exhibition curated by Cat L'Hirondelle and Sherazad Jamal.  Bernadine's proposed art installation was accepted into this important exhibition and will include three new paintings on the issue of women artists.  For those of you who know Bernadine, know that the issues of women in the arts is near and dear to her heart. 
"Two local visual artists, Sherazad Jamal and Cat L'Hirondelle co-curate “The F Word” in celebration of International Women's Day and to explore the status and meaning of feminism from the perspectives of nine Metro Vancouver women of different ages and cultural backgrounds.  Feminism is a word that evokes emancipation, empowerment and equality in some, while in others evokes fear, threat and loss. In any kind of sweeping societal change, one seeks to dismantle oppressive power structures to create something new, these kinds of conflicting emotions arise, along with debate, chaos and explorative art. This show seeks to explore feminism from the perspectives of Metro Vancouver women of differing ages and cultural backgrounds.  The work of 13 visual artists will be selected for a group show and complemented by workshops, panel discussions and community art projects." 

Peale's Still-life with Peaches by Bernadine Fox BFA
(oil on Canvas)

More information at the Leigh Square Community Arts website.  Exhibit runs from Feb 23 to April 2, 2012.
Opening on Feb 25th from 2 - 4 pm in the afternoon. 

Bernadine will have a solo exhibition at Britannia Art Gallery for  Family Px: Exploring the Personalities of a Dissociative System.  The concept of Dissociative Identities Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personalities) has been embraced by contemporary society.  Unfortunately, popular culture has glamorized and sensationalized this “disorder.”  United States of Tara attempts to give an authentic demonstration of how DID manifests within a domestic scenario, albeit with quite polarized personality-types.  Other TV shows like Law & Order and Criminal Minds exploit the idea of different personalities as a means of advancing unique crime plots or solving implausible story impasses usually where someone with DID is the insane murderer. Popular culture, with their limited idea of what DID is, or is not, along with an imposed time frame to work within (40-42 minutes in an hour-long drama), disallows for the inclusion of the paradigm shift required to understand the intricate, subtle nuances and complexity of DID. Dissociation is not about crazed serial murderers or individuals plagued by promiscuity and drastic deviations in style, voice, and dress.  It is about the normal human condition coping with life despite facing extreme childhood trauma.  Where there is usually a singular person with different sides to their personality (i.e., how one behaves in church as opposed to attending a party) in DID there is a plural system of personalities each with their own strengths, life skills, and weaknesses sharing the same life.  Together, they navigate the human experience.
"Family Px: Sherry"
by Bernadine Fox BFA
(mixed media assemblage 10 x 10")

Bernadine is creating a series of mixed media assemblage pieces entitled Family Px wherein she employs the use of image and narrative to reveal typical personalities within DID and how their “jobs” co-exist within their internal environment and how they assist the system to operate in the external world.  These pieces will include young/old, female/male, and human/non-human personalities.  Bernadine estimates that there will be approximately 75 to 100 pieces in the complete series. It will be exhibited in its entirety in March 7th to 30th, 2012 at the Britannia Art Gallery located at 1661 Napier Street in Vancouver BC

So that is Bernadine's Spring.  She will be in the studio as much as her CFS will allow her to be and when she is not painting and creating and mixing she will be doing the very next thing she loves to do the most - teaching. 

In addition, Gallery Gachet has asked Bernadine to provide facilitation for two workshops in February of 2012 on portfolio development and marketing for artists.  If you are interested in either of these workshops contact Gallery Gachet at 604 687-2468.  Registration are currently being accepted.

It is a mighty fine looking Spring, for Bernadine.




Are you a female writer?

Visual Artist?
Performance Artist?
Cultural Worker?
On Aug 11th, @ the Rhizome Cafe, thirty women got together to discuss being a female artist.  They were young, old, emerging, established, able-bodies and disabled, filmmakers, writers, visual artists, photographers, mixed media, musicians, sound artists, and sculptors.  Since then we have grown to ~100 women on our membership list. Interested in joining?  Come and be a part of creating a new and exciting group that will support and promote women and their art, their work, and their voices in the Pacific Northwest.  
For more information, email Bernadine  @  Get your name on the mailing list, join the Google Group and keep up-to-date on meetings, upcoming events, and participate in discussions. We hope to see you all at one of our meetings in the near future.

Exhibitions & Events
for Bernadine

See the main panel to the left.

Want to buy your own "Fox"?  Bernadine likes to make it easy for you to own one of her paintings or pieces of art.  She not only accepts cash, cheques, all major credit cards, and  PayPal but will work with you on layaways and installment plans.


Studio Visits
If you can't make it to Bernadine's studio during the Crawl, but would like to see her work in person, you can do so by booking a studio visit.  Visitors are always welcome and can be arranged at your convenience.   To schedule one, write to

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