Two Upcoming Exhibitions!

Heartbreak Hotel

Firehall Arts Centre

280 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC.  V6A 1L3
tel: (604) 689-0691

Runs April 13 to May 15, 2011

Opening April 21

5 to 7 pm

Painting and mixed media work by
Taralee Guild
Robin Ripley
Sean Miks
Bernadine Fox

Firehall Arts Centre
280 East Cordova (at Gore Street)

Heartbreak Hotel: Artist Statement
by Ilze Bebris
"Just take a walk down lonely street to heartbreak hotel...."

Love ends, hearts bleed and break over and over until the pieces slowly stitch together. We dive desperately into what will relieve this excruciating agony. However, slowly, piece by piece life gathers itself together and resumes. The exhibition Heartbreak Hotel showcases the work of four artists who respond in diverse ways to the pain of loss and heartbreak through divergent processes and materials. For Bernadine Fox art making is cathartic. Each of her lush still lifes, is named after the pop song she listened to while painting her way through a broken heart. Sean Mills has painstakingly reproduced exacting works that were stolen from an exhibition of his work. Robin Ripley uses clothing lables to allude to the romance of the pursuit of love, questioning the depth of the roots of romantic love in our culture. Painter, Taralee Guild, created stark monochromatic images of one of the most famous chanteuses of songs around longing and loss: Edith Piaf.

Bernadine Fox is a visual artist who uses paint to explore the tastes, smells and sounds of life. A graduate of Emily Carr, her art is made for and about the contemporary lives of women. The still-lifes in this exhibit examine the outcome of a broken heart and, surprisingly, find that what is left is not broken or full of pain  - but alive, vibrant and fully engaged.

Taralee Guild was born in 1984 and grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Blessed with a family that supported her love of drawing, at 12, she inherited her grandmother's paint box and easel and taught herself how to paint. She graduated from Emily Carr University of Arts and Design with a Visual Art BFA in 2010. Utilizing a broad understanding of art history and critical theory, she chooses to work on several thematic series at once, each with a distinct style and ideological context.
Sean Mills is a Vancouver based artist. He was a 2010 BMO 1st Art! Invitational nominee and has recently shown at the Surrey Art Gallery. Sean received his BFA from Emily Carr University in 2010.
Robin Ripley uses a variety of media to re-examine familiar things. Through her work, she examines the ways in which people connect. She gathers sorts and reconfigures common mterials to draw attention to the details of the world. She recieved a BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 1992 and has since exhibited regularly in numerous group and solo shows. Her work is found in both private and public collections.
Resist Sense: The Art of Gallery Gachet Collective
An art exhibit commissioned for the Centre for Social Inequities, Mental Health, and Gender Studies at SFU

Work about social justice and resistance to compliment an all day conference and reception.

May 9th, 2011

For this commissioned art exhibit, Bernadine will begin creating pieces for her new series entitled "From the Inside Out: What Dissciative Identities really Looks Like."  In this series, Bernadine will use old photographs digitally and manually altered (through collage and mixed media assemblage) to create narratives.  This series will speak to the injustices imposed upon some children by exploring how they escepe trauma by utilizing the only coping mechanism available to them: dissociation.  It will also work to dispell some of the misconceptions surrounding dissociative identities currently imposed on this disorder by pop culture media.
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From top down (left column) by Bernadine Fox BFA
"Always on My Mind" oil on canvas 36" x 18"
"I Honestly Love You" oil on canvas 38.5 x 36"
"Bold as Love" oil on canvas  30 x 24"
"@ 8 Mos/Family Picnic" digital collage and altered photograph 18 x 24"

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Exhibitions & Events
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Firehall Arts Theatre
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Mambo Italiano"
Exhibition on now and
runs until May 15th

Opening April 21, 2011
@ 5-7

April Drawing Class
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