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Bernadine Fox BFA
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Gender Bias' in the Art World

I am looking at what type of gender bias' occur when we look at male and female artists and their work. We come from a long history of male-domination in the art world where men who painted went off to work and women who painted had a nice hobby. As much as we have progressed towards a fairer decision-making process, I want to look at how much of it may still be lingering in our subconscious minds.

There is only one question in this survey (this one) and ten words. I want your first impression of which of the ten words that are listed would more aptly apply to the art work of a man or of a woman. So for instance, if one of the words was "delightful" would you use that word to define a woman's work or a man's work? There are no right or wrong answers. Please answer immediately without applying logic or thought to it. Do not censor - just answer.

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