Bernadine Fox: Fine Art Oil Painter and Mixed Media Assemblage Artist
BERNADINE FOX hails from a place that is so flat you can see company coming ten miles away. She grew wiry, unruly, and fascinated by the human condition.  Ethnographic-based, Bernadine’s work weaves colours, objects, words, constructing narratives that examine the cultural issues faced by the modern world.  Seasoned with a well-lived life, her abnormal childhood, an unusual background, and a willingness to examine tough issues, she offers a fresh socio-political portrayal of our culture and an intimate entry point into the human psyche. 
Bernadine is not young and, thus, her work is aptly aged with decades of unique experiences born out of a willingness to push beyond the norms of convention.  Her work is an unflinching investigation into the human condition (good: ugly) that engages the viewer in critical discourses (sometimes private: sometimes public) on topics such as children of drug addicts, dissociative identities, and what signifies “home” while refusing to exploit all-too-easy forms of sensationalism. A graduate of Emily Carr, her work is held in private collections in NY, CA, TO, BC, and Australia. She works out of William Street Studios in East Vancouver, BC.

Bernadine's eBlast

I have spent the last year watching and analyzing a new and exciting opportunity for artists to sell their work: ArtBomb.  It a daily online art auction featuring carefully curated works of art from artists across Canada.  It started in Toronto.  Then opened in Montreal and Vancouver.  Now it is also operating in NY city.  My artwork has recently come to the attention of one of their curators and I have been asked to have some of my artwork featured in this auction. I am very excited to be part of this art adventure.   My painting above, Home: Lemonades, will be offered for auction this Friday, November 8th.

If you have not yet heard of Artbomb, it was launched in December, 2011, ArtBomb as a subscriber-based daily online auction featuring artwork by Canadian artists. This service delivers an email featuring one to three artworks into subscribers’ inboxes every morning. Bidding opens with a starting bid at 6 a.m. EST and closes at 11 p.m. at which point the highest bid wins the piece.  ArtBomb is coast-to-coast across Canada with outstanding curators in each region working hard to find talented local artists. Through their experienced eyes, ArtBomb highlights exciting new pieces every day: paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, drawing and mixed media. It is ArtBomb’s goal to make it easy to access a diversity of fine Canadian art, bringing collectors together with emerging Canadian art stars.


Artist Residency
I have also been offered a local artist residency at Leigh Square Community Arts in Port Coquitlam.  For three months (Jan - Mar), I will be painting out of The Gathering Place and engaging with the public around art and the work of women artists.  There will be a public lecture and workshops offered.  I will finishing off my painting series entitled, "Do You Know Who I am?" which reexamines and brings to light to the work of female master artist over the last several decades.  The painting above is "Do You Know Who I am?: Suzanne Valadon's Catherine Nue Allongée Sur Une Peau De Panthère by Bernadine Fox.` I know Port Coquitlam can seem like far away to those of us who enjoy the closeness of art and culture here in Vancouver.  From my house (in Vancouver) it is a 20 minute drive east and if you use the highway, the Mary Hill Bypass,and the Shaughnessy turnoff.... it is a relatively easy drive.  There is a Starbucks across the courtyard and I am always up for a quick cup of coffee or a sip of tea.  Call me on my cell (778) 869-0733 and come out and visit.

CRAWL 2013
For the first time in about seven years, I will not be participating in the Eastside Culture Crawl. It was time to take a break and actually spend some time wandering through the buildings and seeing (and supporting) the work of other artists in Vancouver.  I am looking forward to three full days of creative inspiration, especially that from fellow women.

Oh and there is so much more - so much happening.  Will have to wait for the next eBlast ...


Artist's Joke

Q: Why did the artist cross the road?

A: To see from the other side.


Bernadine is gearing up for a 3-month art residency.
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