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Bernadine has two upcoming exhibitions

The F Word – Exploring Feminism
in the 21st Century

February 23 -April 2, 2012
Opening Reception: Feb. 25, 2-4PM
Panel Discussion: March 19, 7-10pm

Leigh Square Community Art Centre
#1100 - 2253 Leigh Square Place, Port Coquitlam, BC


Sarah Peale's Still Life with Peaches
(48 x 36" oil on canvas 3,387)
by Bernadine Fox

"Two local visual artists, Sherazad Jamal and Cat L'Hirondelle co-curate “The F Word” in celebration of International Women's Day and to explore the status and meaning of feminism from the perspectives of nine Metro Vancouver women of different ages and cultural backgrounds.  Feminism is a word that evokes emancipation, empowerment and equality in some, while in others evokes fear, threat and loss. In any kind of sweeping societal change, one seeks to dismantle oppressive power structures to create something new, these kinds of conflicting emotions arise, along with debate, chaos and explorative art. This show seeks to explore feminism from the perspectives of Metro Vancouver women of differing ages and cultural backgrounds.  The work of 13 visual artists have been selected for a group show and complemented by workshops, panel discussions and community art projects." Read the artist statement @ The F Word.

Suzanne Valadons Catherine Nue Allongée
Sur Une Peau De Panthère

(40 x 30" oil on canvas, $2,352)
by Bernadine Fox

Bernadine's contribution to this important show is four-fold.  The paintings above will be on display along with one other (4'x 6') that is currently still a work-in-progress (no pressure!).  They will be a part of an installation that will replicate a women's artist work studio to provide the viewer with another perspective and take, in the minds of the public, female painters out of their kitchen's and extract them from the notion of hobbyist.  In addition, Bernadine has been asked to participate on a panel discussing women in art.  This will take place on March 19th at 7 pm (see above). 

Bernadine is also documenting the process of painting her large piece which is still in progress.  If you would like to follow along as she struggles to complete this piece and finds those moments of magic that makes painting one of "The Best Things to do."... check out her Blog.  Each day, Bernadine records her progress, provides photos, discusses what is working and what is not, where she is happy with what she has painted that day, and what needs to change or what she might try the following day.  Currently on Day Six.

More information at The F Word   or on the
Leigh Square Community Arts website.


Bernadine's solo exhibition at Britannia Art Gallery will explore  Family Px: Exploring the Personalities of a Dissociative System.  The concept of Dissociative Identities Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personalities) has been embraced by contemporary society. 

Unfortunately, popular culture has glamorized and sensationalized this “disorder.”  United States of Tara attempts to give an authentic demonstration of how DID manifests within a domestic scenario, albeit with quite polarized personality-types.  Other TV shows like Law & Order and Criminal Minds exploit the idea of different personalities as a means of advancing unique crime plots or solving implausible story impasses usually where someone with DID is the insane murderer. Popular culture, with their limited idea of what DID is, or is not, along with an imposed time frame to work within (40-42 minutes in an hour-long drama), disallows for the inclusion of the paradigm shift required to understand the intricate, subtle nuances and complexity of DID.

Dissociation is not about crazed serial murderers or individuals plagued by promiscuity and drastic deviations in style, voice, and dress.  It is about the normal human condition coping with life despite facing extreme childhood trauma.  Where there is usually a singular person with different sides to their personality (i.e., how one behaves in church as opposed to attending a party) in DID there is a plural system of personalities each with their own strengths, life skills, and weaknesses sharing the same life.  Together, they navigate the human experience.

"Family Px: Mazine"
by Bernadine Fxx BFA
(mixed media assemblage 10 x 10" $255)

Bernadine is creating a series of mixed media assemblage pieces entitled Family Px wherein she employs the use of image and narrative to reveal typical personalities within DID and how their “jobs” co-exist within their internal environment and how they assist the system to operate in the external world.  These pieces will include young/old, female/male, and human/non-human personalities.  Each piece is accompanied with a name plate that describes who they are and what their function is within the whole dissociative system.  Bernadine estimates that there will be approximately 75 to 100 pieces in the complete series. Given space constraints approximately 40-45 will be exhibited March 7th to 30th, 2012 at the Britannia Art Gallery located at 1661 Napier Street in Vancouver BC.

"Family Px: Bertha"
by Bernadine Fxx BFA
(mixed media assemblage 10 x 10" $255)

"Family Px: Matilda & John"
by Bernadine Fxx BFA
(mixed media assemblage 10 x 10" $255)

I do hope you can make it.

Britannia Art Gallery
1661 Napier St (off Commercial at Napier)
Vancouver BC

Artist Joke of the Month

And last, but not least:

How many artists does it take to change a light bulb?
Ten. One to change it, and nine to reassure him about how good it looks.

How many modern artists does it take to change a light bulb?
Four. One to throw bulbs against the wall, one to pile hundreds of them in a heap and spray-paint it orange, one to glue light bulbs to a cocker spaniel, and one to put a bulb in the socket and fill the room with light while all the critics and buyers are watching the fellow smashing the bulbs against the wall, the fellow with the spray-gun, and the cocker spaniel.

How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?
Two. One to hold the giraffe and the other to fill the bathtub with brightly colored machine tools.
Two. One to change it and one to throw a bucket of water out the window.

How many visitors to an art gallery does it take to change a light bulb?
Two. One to do it and one to say "Huh! My four-year old could've done that!"



Are you a female ...

Visual Artist?
Performance Artist?
Cultural Worker?
About 100+ women are discussing women in the arts and working towards establishing an organization that will promote and support our involvement in the art world. 
For more information, email Bernadine  @  Get your name on the mailing list, join the Google Group and keep up-to-date on meetings, upcoming events, and participate in discussions. We hope to see you all at one of our meetings in the near future.

Exhibitions & Events
for Bernadine

The F Word
Feb 23 to April 2, 2012
Opens Feb 25 2-4 pm
Panel Discussion Mar 19 @ 7 pm

Family Px: Exploring the Personalities of a Dissociative System
Mar 7 to 30th 2012
Artist Talk Mar 21 7-8:30 pm
(Bernadine will talk about the process of mixed media assemblage but also about the issue of dissociation and multiple personalities)

Mixed Media Workshop
Britannia Art Gallery
1661 Napier St Vancouver
July 14 noon to 4 pm
email for more information

Want to buy your own "Fox"?  Bernadine likes to make it easy for you to own one of her paintings or pieces of art.  She not only accepts cash, cheques, all major credit cards, and  PayPal but will work with you on layaways and installment plans.


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Bernadine's Blog

Last blog post:

Currently blog posts follow Bernadine's day by day progress of painting a huge canvas for The F Word in 9 days.  The ups and downs, the mistakes, the joys, the changes, and the anxiety of doing this within a short time frame.  Will she succeed?  It is Day Six and for her the jury is still out as to whether or not this painting is going to work. 

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