Bernadine's paintings sell for hundreds of dollars.  For those of you who have not been able to purchase an original piece of art, this maybe  a good start (priced from $15 to $60).

Drawuary: Not a Day Goes By
Opened March 8th and runs until Apr 7th
Eighteen artists converged for the fourth annual "Drawuary: Not A Day Goes By," a project in which each contributing artist made a drawing a day for the entire month of February. Drawuary was an exercise in limitations, abundance, ambitions, failure, and success. If you haven't had a chance to get down to see the Drawuary 2013 show at Gallery Gachet (88 E Cordova) you still have time. 

Because the limits of the show included one drawing a day (28 days in February) regardless of the day: busy, slow, hectic, or lazy - it meant that the amount of time she had to complete a drawing varied and, therefore, Bernadine purposefully set about to create a body of work that would explore the notion of drawing (the act of seeing carefully) while still accommodating the differing length of time available.  And thus what was there in the end were large and small drawings of two styles: contour and tonal/shaded.  One of the other limits of the show was that once the day was done so too was the drawing.  There was no more going back changing this or that, perfecting this or that shadow, or changing a line here or there.  No these drawings are raw and immediate - and are priced accordingly:

Large Contour Drawings 11x14" $30/each
Small Contour Drawings 8.5" x 5" $15/each

Large Realistic Drawing of Eyes 11x14" $60/each
Small Realistic Drawing of Eyes 8.5x5" $30/each


Contour #6 Felt marker on paper 11x 14" $30.00

Contour #16 graphite on paper 9 x 12" $30
"Contour drawings are done by placing your pencil, marker, or other mark-making tool on the paper and then while ONLY looking at the object you are drawing you begin by having your brain tell your hand how to make that line.  The purpose of this is training that hand-eye coordination so necessary in the act of drawing.  I love it because of the end result.  It is a freeing exercise that disallows your left brain to get in there and start commenting on what you are doing or how.  Consequently, my perfectionist self is quieted for a moment or two."

Eyes #7 Graphite on paper
11 x 14" $60

"The second type of drawing was based on the realistic renderings of eyes.  Eyes are particularly fascinating to me.  I know, Da Vinci said they are the windows to the soul.  But, more than that they are a window to an artist's capabilities.  This area of the body is not a simple bit of flesh over muscle over bone.  This area includes a hard, yet fluid-filled, spherical object (the eye) which is housed in a hole in the skull.  The edges of that hole are hard bone.  The eye itself is covered with loose flesh with very little muscle.  It has hair (one of the toughest things to draw at times) on both the flesh around the eye and as part of the eyebrow.  And if it is an eye, like those above, the flesh has been affected by time and includes wrinkles."

Eyes #2 graphite on paper
8.5 x 5" $30

All of the drawings are purchased unframed and come as they are on the wall - which means a cost benefit to the buyer.  So go on down to Gallery Gachet and see the work of everyone first hand.  It is a marvelous show with some truly great artists who have participated this year.

For more information on Drawuary and all the artists who are included please see below:

Gallery Gachet presents

Drawuary: Not A Day Goes By

Curated by Gabrielle Hill

March 8th – April 7th, 2013
Opening night: Friday March 8th, 7 – 11pm

This year’s Drawuary artists include Ron Solonas, Jonny Peterson, Aaron Rossner, Morag Kydd, Legs, Peter Morin, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Evan Sabourin, Jeska Slater, Brennan Kelly, Gabe Hill, Jesse Corcoran, Chloe Gammon, Nizhoni Ellenwood, Syvia Munson, Bernadine Fox, Luey Mcquaid and Quin Martins.

Drawuary will culminate in an ambitious exhibition of each and every drawing made during the month. Always impressive in scope and scale, this year’s exhibit will feature close to 500 drawings by some truly awesome and driven emerging, underground artists. Drawuary: Not A Day Goes By opens at Gallery Gachet March 8th, 2013 and runs until April 7th.

A filmmaker inspired by the art exhibit "Shaped by the Past," is shooting a film documenting this art show by Mary Blaze, Alannah Anderson, Sheila Page, Joy Hanser, Sherry Cooper and myself.  We will let you all know when the film is complete and ready to view.

Below is a close up of Bernadine's painting


Drawuary 6 (felt on paper) 11x14" by Bernadine Fox
Drawuary 16 (graphite on paper) 9 x 12" by Bernadine Fox
Drawuary 7 (graphite on paper) 11 x 14"  by Bernadine Fox
Drawuary 2 (graphite on paper) 8.5 x 5"  by Bernadine Fox


Exhibitions &
for Bernadine

Art Exhibits

Gallery Gachet
Mar 8th to Apr 7th 2013

see column to the left

Gallery Gachet
June 14 to July 28 2013

"Kickstart 2013"
Aug/Sept 2013

Bernadine is also co-curating the upcoming KickstArt 5 for the Disability Arts and Culture Society.  The Call for this Submission is out with a deadline of Mar 22nd . Here is an excerpt from the call as to what we are looking for, "As human beings (and particularly as artists), where do we find the wonderful, the awe-inspiring, the “magical”, to counteract the bad? What keeps us from getting cynical or depressed? Is there a balance? How can we affect it? How do we generate good energy to work against the bad? Do we just adapt somehow, or can we actually “fix”
things? Do people with disabilities have any particular insights around either coping or making change?

The Call for Submissions is now closed and the jury will be selecting the 12 artists in the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone who submitted.

Want to buy your own "Fox"?  Bernadine likes to make it easy for you to own one of her paintings or pieces of art.  She not only accepts cash, cheques, all major credit cards, and  PayPal but will work with you on layaways and installment plans.


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