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Art Opening Friday!
April 27th 7-10 pm

Bernadine is showcased

Gallery Gachet's
Salon Shop

A Room of One's Own
featuring artworks
by Bernadine Fox, Cherise Clarke and Youngshin Lee

April 27th – May 20th, 2012

Opening reception: Fri April 27th, 7 - 10pm

Gallery Gachet is proud to present works from the Gachet member catalogues of Bernadine Fox, Youngshin Lee and Cherise Clarke. These womyn have been and continue to be irreplaceable and integral parts of the Gachet collective organism.  We Salute You! 

Bernadine Fox's work focuses on the complexities of self-expression, most especially how non-verbal forms of communication reveal the human condition and our sense of identity. ( ) Youngshin Lee is a sculptor who's work in clay is both abstract and figurative, roughly textured and smoothed to porcelain which seems to hint at some greater immutable duality. Cherise Clarke is visual and performing artist who uses art to document and bear witness to the tensions, ironies and anxieties she experiences living in contemporary society.

Salon Shop is an inclusive micro-gallery space located at Gallery Gachet featuring work by Gachet's collective and volunteer members. As art and cultural spaces and resources are seized and disappear, most artists are being left with limited options. The Salon Shop offers innovative ways to repurpose and share already existing space by defining "a room of our own" specifically for displaying our members' works.

Works that Bernadine will have up for this exhibition include pieces that she has produced in light of the recent ongoing recession keeping in mind that folks don't have oodles of disposable cash to buy art.  There will be 27 for sale from her series Balancing Act and Silver Lining.  Here is a sampling of what you will find there.

Balancing Act: Hem (8x8" $40)

Balancing Act: XI (4x3" $15)

Silver Lining: Soul (10 x 10" $45)

Silver Lining: F7 No Chord (10 x 10" $45)


Artist Joke of the Month
"You Must Be An Artist If...
(reprinted from
A humorous look at the things you do
that indicate you're an artist.
By Marion Boddy-Evans, Guide
What are the signs that you're an artist? This collection of definitions of what makes an artist started with a comment on the Painting Forum from Hamlet which got the rest of us going...! I'm not telling which of these art jokes originated with me, nor how many definitions apply to me, except to say I've never dunked a brush in my coffee (yet!).
  1. You were more concerned about the color of your car than the fuel consumption.
  2. The highlights in your hair are from your palette and not Clairol.
  3. You are having lunch with the girls and the fragrance you wear is eau d'linseed oil.
  4. The only piece of new furniture you have in your home is a $2000 easel.
  5. You butter your toast with your fingers, just to feel its texture.
  6. You think about taking a picture to a show.
  7. You talk about going to a show where the pictures don't move.
  8. You are over 50 and still have no health insurance.
  9. Your family takes out a life insurance plan on you for less than $5000.
  10. You know what shade of green the lichen on the trees is.
  11. You can't find a nice outfit for your date because everything has paint smears on.
  12. Your date ends up with paint smears on her/him.
  13. You're late for the date because you suddenly knew exactly what that detail of your latest painting needed and just had to fix it while it was fresh in your mind.
  14. You chose to buy that new Russian Sable Number Six Round instead of a Big Mac, a Large Fry, a Milkshake, Desert, and five gallons of gas.
  15. Your favorite home repair store refuses to work with you to repaint your den, because you rename all of their paint swatches and you get upset that they don't carry the exact nuance of raw umber you had in mind.
  16. You purchase a ton of books, and most are blank inside.
  17. When viewing a sunset, you think in terms of cadmium yellow (light hue), salmon and gold, a tinted teal mixed with gold for the water...."
  18. Strangers save your 'regular' spot at the park, perfect for observing children and pigeons.
  19. There are Prussian blue fingerprints on your phone.
  20. You stay awake late at night wondering how to render on canvas the dimly lit shapes and the shadows in your room.
  21. When you go out, you are always stopping and gazing at the world around you.
  22. You travel far to sketch a place of scenic beauty.
  23. You clean your brushes in your coffee.
  24. You carry pencils instead of pens.
  25. You have watercolor swatches on cardboard in your pocket.
                                      Continued at



Are you a female ...

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About 100+ women are discussing women in the arts and working towards establishing an organization that will promote and support our involvement in the art world. 
For more information, email Bernadine  @  Get your name on the mailing list, join the Google Group and keep up-to-date on meetings, upcoming events, and participate in discussions. We hope to see you all at one of our meetings in the near future.

Exhibitions &
for Bernadine

The Salon Shop
(see left panel)
April 27th to May 20th 2012

Mixed Media Workshop
Britannia Art Gallery
1661 Napier St Vancouver
July 14 noon to 4 pm
email for more information

Want to buy your own "Fox"?  Bernadine likes to make it easy for you to own one of her paintings or pieces of art.  She not only accepts cash, cheques, all major credit cards, and  PayPal but will work with you on layaways and installment plans.


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