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Property Owner's Meeting

A property owners meeting is slated for today, Wednesday, February 22 at 4 PM at the Tulare City Council Chambers. Councilman Greg Nunley leads the discussion regarding downtown properties and the City Council agenda in regard to the downtown.
 Please make plans to attend if you are a property owner.

Homeless update

Officer Tim Ramirez presented statistics on
the most recent interactions the Tulare police force and the Tulare County PATH program personnel made with homeless and indigent citizens in our community. There are roughly 125 homeless people in Tulare. Of those:
  • 33 Tulare homeless people have been engaged by PD or PATH; 21 males, 10 females
  • 31 have signed up for PATH services
  • 4 have been referred to mental health services with appointments made
  • 1 is actively in mental health services.
  • 25 identification vouchers have been completed.
  • 10 SSI SOAR referrals are completed.
  • 1 Supportive Employment referral made
  • 3 Tulare veterans encountered and assessed for services

Galaxy contract renewed

The Downtown Association has renewed it’s contract with Ads on the Wall at the Galaxy Theater, Tulare meaning you can still get great deals on advertising for your business.
A one-month ad is only $175; the TDA office takes care of design and submission. Get over 5,000 ad impressions a month at Tulare County’s leading theater. Call the TDA office at 685-2350 for more info or to schedule your ad. Deadline for April ads is March 15th.

Art Show at the Museum

Thursday, March 2nd at the Heritage Art Gallery at the Tulare Historical Museum from 4:00-6:00 pm join the opening reception for the 29th Annual "Tulare Student Art Show" exhibition.
Each year students throughout Tulare, from elementary school to high school, show off their best works of art in various creative mediums. The Heritage Art Gallery truly comes alive with many spectacular elements of visual design, and you'll leave the show with a sense of pride for all of the students' hard work and dedication, as well as for the great mentoring by the teachers!
The reception is open to the public and free of charge.  The "Tulare Student Art Show" runs thru April 1st.

Rotary Crabfeed March 10

21st Annual Rotary Crab Feed is Friday, March 10th at the Heritage Complex with social hour at 6:00 pm; dinner at 7:00 pm. This is the largest fundraiser of the year, and supports many community projects. Tickets and table purchases are now available. Buy a table and bring your employees, co-workers, colleagues, and service club members.  Tickets available at the Tulare Chamber of Commerce, 220 E. Tulare Ave in Downtown Tulare.

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Slated for May 6

This year’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta returns on Saturday, May 6, 2017 starting at 3 PM at Zumwalt Park in Downtown Tulare. As always, there will be a line-up of local bands, retail and food vendors and much more.
2017 features a new Tulare Talent Show. If you or someone you know is especially talented and likes to entertain, we invite you to perform at this year’s event. Performances can be in either English or Spanish. 
This event is produced by the TDA and Hispanic Association for Culture, Education, and Recognition; sponsorships for this event are available.
For more info call (559)685-2350 or visit on the web.

New Laws Slated for 2017

2017 features new laws that could impact you as an employer. Quite a few bills feature delayed or phased-in implementation. Some of the new laws, such as the minimum wage increase, make significant changes to California's legal landscape. Other new laws make small changes to different parts of existing law or may affect only employers in specific industries. CalChamber highlights a few:
Minimum Wage: January 1, 2017, businesses with 26 or more employees must pay a minimum wage of $10.50 per hour.
The minimum wage increase will require all employers to post a new Minimum Wage Order (MW-2017). The upcoming minimum wage increase also will have an effect on other pay practices, such as the overtime rate.
Paid Sick Leave: SB 3 extends California’s paid sick leave law to cover in-home supportive services workers beginning July 1, 2018.
AB 2393 provides specific rules relating to the interaction of sick leave and parental leave for school district employees working in positions requiring certification qualifications.
Juvenile Criminal History Information: AB 1843 prohibits employers from inquiring into an applicant’s juvenile convictions or using such convictions as a factor in determining any condition of employment.
Smoking: A package of bills was signed earlier this year that extend the ban on workplace smoking. These rules took effect June 9, 2016.

Why Downtowns Struggle

From Inc. Magazine, October 2016: The Kauffman Foundation, drawing on U.S. Census data, concluded the number of companies less than a year old has declined as a share of all businesses by nearly 44 percent between 1978 and 2012. The Brookings Institution, established the number of new businesses is down across the country and more businesses are dying than are being born. In the book Where the Jobs Are: Entrepreneurship and the Soul of the American Economy, John Dearie cites five challenges:
  • insufficient access to capital;
  • difficulty finding people with the right skills;
  • immigration policies that keep talent out;
  • onerous taxes and regulations; and
  • economic uncertainty.
But what’s happening to American entrepreneurs?

The data points to four likely explanations for a decline in the desire to start a business:
  1. Generational—in 1996, 35% of start ups were by young people; 2014 the number dropped to 18%. 
  2. The big guys are soaking up the oxygen: 80% of start ups in 1978 were independents; that’s now 60% with most new business openings just a big company opening a new location;
  3. Venture capitalists spend more money on mature companies than on start ups;
  4. “Nascent” entrepreneurship is on the rise, meaning more people are running a business out of a back bedroom than a storefront.

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Trump's Immigration Impact

The new President isn't sitting still and with his executive orders for throttling immigration and accelerating deportation, U.S. cities are in for some dramatic changes. CityLab discusses how those changes can affect our local economies. Click here to read their analysis...

L.A. Addresses Car Campers

We've been lucky not to find too many people camping in cars around the Downtown. Here's a solution from Los Angeles we might want to consider if it becomes a problem here...
And a Millenial response....
In this Issue…
In this Issue…
Facebook How-to
Homeless Update
Galaxy Ads
Student Art Show
Rotary Crab feed
Cinco De Mayo
New Laws
PBID Update
The Tower Square PBID is moving forward now having gotten its first funding demonstrating how Downtown businesses and City Hall can get things done!
The PBID has already contracted for additional cleaning services for the area with special attention to the trash enclosures.
They have also addressed the issue of lighting with property owner participation and are currently getting bids to replace and update community lighting around the square.
If you have questions about how PBIDs work and if a PBID would be good for your part of downtown contact our office at (559)685-2350 for information.
Want to Promote?
If you or someone you know has a service business or are trying to raise funds, call the TDA office right now at (559)685-2350!
We can schedule you for an opportunity to present your ideas and services to Kiwanis.
Tuesday mornings can be a chance for you to raise awareness of your product, services or needs. Call the TDA office right now at (559)685-2350!
QuickBooks Basic Class
Date: March 1, 2017
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Tulare Chamber of Commerce—Trade Room
FREE GoogleDocs Guide
Still running XP because you don’t want to buy a new copy of Word? Hesitating to buy a new computer because you can’t afford to upgrade all your basic software? Tired of shuffling files from work to home and back again?
GoogleDocs could be the answer for you. Maybe you know about it but don’t know how to use it or can’t afford the time.
AMIBA to the rescue! A free step-by-step guide is available on the Association site at that will step you through using GoogleDocs. Just click on the Google Docs Tutorial link on the home page.
Click here to access the free guide...
Economic Summit
Friday, March 10, 2017 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Wyndam Hotel & Convention Center
9000 W. Airport Drive
AB5 In Suspense
AB5 the “Homeless Person Bill of Rights” is in suspense. Authored by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) AB5 creates a new protected class of citizen – those who are homeless; perceived homeless and those that live in a residential hotel.   The bill, which also specifically disallows local ordinances unless specific requirements are met and targets BID employees from being able to appropriately manage homeless issues in public space, is currently on the Assembly Appropriations “Suspense File” While we are working with agencies through the city and county to address the issue of finding homes and assistance for those living on the streets, the California Downtown Association and its membership believes creating a “super-class” is counter-productive. For more, click here...
CalChamber Offers New Law Insights
Want to find out more about the new laws? Check out this "white paper" created by CalChamber. Click here to download the free analysis and see what laws could affect you...
TCAG’s Cross  Valley Corridor Plan
The Cross Valley Corridor Plan (Plan) is being prepared by the Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) to improve transportation system connections and mobility in the Central San Joaquin Valley.  The study focuses on the Cross Valley Corridor, an existing rail corridor between the cities of Huron and Porterville, with a proposed California High-Speed Rail Station to be located in the middle of the Corridor.
Fresno Idea…
In 2010, the Downtown Fresno Partnership and Fresno’s Leading Young Professionals (FLYP) created the Downtown Academy that educates young professionals about revitalization, downtowns function, and advocacy for the success of the downtown.
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Tulare Historical Museum
Catch up on the latest from THM by checking out their newsletter. Click here...
Knight City Challenge Offers Ideas
The Knight brothers once owned newspapers in 26 U.S. cities. They sponsor a challenge for projects in those 26 communities, and the ideas could be imported to ours. Check out this year's results...
Bike Lazer
As we are encouraged to ride our bikes more, along comes an idea to keep us safer. Click here to see the video...
The City of Troy has an idea that might work for Tulare. Check it out here...
You Are NOT the Brand!
Forbes suggests a different way of approaching your marketing and advertising. The next generation of consumers is different than the Boomers; and the techniques that have worked for years aren't as effective now. Click here for more insights on this change...
Trump Transportation Plan

NextCity offers an online article from Bill Bradley about how Trump could impact public transportation. Read more by clicking here...
Trump's Budget
CityLab thinks the President will bulldoze dozens of government programs. Read their analysis of what future federal funding could look like here...

Paris Planters Make Public Peeing a Public Service

Hiring Millennials? Here's a handy guide
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