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TDA Board Outlines 2016

The board met on January 13th to discuss 2016. Plans include continuing popular events and adding new services.
May 7 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta returns at Zumwalt Park.
At Concerts in the Park TDA brings the popular Budweiser Beer Garden.
Staff is working on a Clean and Safe program to operate in the downtown to assist the city in addressing concerns. Staff is also directed toward reducing the downtown homeless population.
A new program in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce is underway called "Team Tulare".
The next board meeting is February 17, at 7 AM at the Tulare Chamber of Commerce board room.


"Blogging" is simply writing your thoughts in a public web place like Facebook. There are plenty of blogging sites like to help you set up a professional blog if you are so inclined.
Annetta Powell writes in her blog,  “Provide Valuable Resources in Your Blog. If you want to attract visitors and convert them into exuberant readers then you should provide FREE useful resources in your blog."
Things you can provide free:
  • Write and share a free downloadable eBook,
  • A "white paper"
  • A market report
  • A podcast.
  • Links to valuable resources
Sharing valuable resources motivates readers to join your mailing list and share the link to your blog.
AMEX Open Forum Tips
Do better business; make more money by reading these:
Are You Relevant?
Social Media Marketing Tips
Social Media Marketing Calendar


Maslow's Hierarchy?

Its been awhile since Psych 101, but here we apply the principles of Maslow's hierarchy to social media. Get insights into your younger customers' thinking and fine-tune your marketing.
Click here to read what HootSuite has to say...
This month we offer you an issue packed with digital marketing ideas. Not a computer genius? You don’t have to be! If you have a smart phone you can be digital marketing in no time!

Galaxy Theater Ads Maximize Your Dollar

 The Galaxy theater offers a great way to advertise your business thru Ads-On-The-Wall movie screen ads.
  If you've been to the movies you've seen the ads; you should be in one! Contact the Downtown Association for more information at (559)685-2350. More...
The Corporate Executive Board found that customers are 57% through their buying process before they make contact with a company.
This supports the idea that companies can benefit by having content that helps customers do their research and reach a buying decision.
What can you do to get audiences to notice your business? Most of us have used direct mail marketing, newspaper ads and email to reach out to customers.
If you haven't been tracking how your ads are doing, the time to start doing that is now and it's really easy. Read More...

Protecting Your Cell Phone

  • Enable passcode lock feature in settings. Passcode entered incorrectly 10 times and phone wipes all data.
  • Install free "Find My iPhone" app. You can go online and track your phone.
  • Also sends an email if your device is activated.
  • Install Plan B app by Lookout. You can do this even after phone is stolen!
  • Or use Where's My Droid, Locate My Droid or Lost Phone
Android users can have their Google contacts exported and deleted.
When any cell phone is stolen:
  • Report theft to you carrier
  • Change your iTunes password
  • File a police report.

Be Social!

If your business isn't using social media, you need to be! Before a new customer ever sets foot in your door they've already accumulated at least three pieces of information about your business you can't control. What can you do to make sure at least one of those pieces is something you WANT them to see? Get involved with social media. Read More...

Email Marketing

Email is not a magic bullet for marketing. The response rate for email is only about 1-2% but don't fret. There are certain things you can do to make your emails more effective. Use these tips for more effective emails. Read More...

2016 Labor Law Seminars

Presented by Noel Zuniga, formerly of the Dept of Industrial Relations at the Tulare Chamber of Commerce.
March 8: Sexual Harrassment
May 10: Employee Termination
July 12: Sick Leave
Nov 8: Meal/Rest Periods
Fees apply for some seminars. Visit the Chamber website for more information.

Pho 99

We have a hidden gem in Downtown Tulare! Pho 99 has arrived at 231 N K Street adding Thai cuisine to the downtown's array of restaurants. (BTW: pronounce "pho" as "fah") I was in recently for lunch and my favorites: Vietnamese spring rolls and pho soup. I'm hoping these rolls are healthier for me than the ones I get elsewhere because they aren't deep fried... and because I could eat the whole order of four myself! But, let someone help you with this appetizer because you'll want to leave room for the soup!
I had vegetable soup with tofu. The tofu is seasoned perfectly, tasty broth, noodles with perfect vegetables makes a meal. Order the medium; you still take some home!
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