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April 2016
Are you baking a bigger pie?
Making, baking and taking are very different talents.
Two create, one consumes.

Which is your signature habit?


In his book Enchantment, Guy Kawasaki casts the comment...

"There are two kinds of people and organisations in the world: eaters and bakers.
Eaters want a bigger slice of an existing pie; bakers want to make a bigger pie."

Baking a bigger pie means everyone wins.
When the creation of a bigger pie is your intent, there's more to go around ... so sharing becomes the norm. Even competitors will work with you, because bigger ideas need more hands, heads and hearts to keep enlarging and improving the pie. Baking a bigger pie makes the market grow.

Bakers inspire change.
They sense possibilities and in their hands, the raw ingredients (for the pie) are remixed to make new things happen. Think how Google took the monopolising power away from advertising agencies and gave it to small business. When a pie gets bigger, there are more users of products, services and it spreads out from its source.

Bakers stretch.
If no one bakes a bigger pie, then the market stagnates and progress fails to happen. Change can be difficult at times - think the democratization of publishing, music and education - but diversity results. Bakers stretch the boundaries to help new technology and ideas flourish.

If your habit is to take, and eat, what could that be saying about you and your business?

Eaters covet the success of others.
By getting more of the existing pie, eaters believe they're winners ... and they're happy that you've lost. They fail to understand that when you have plenty, you should always share and that everyone benefits from a bigger pie. It's the Golden Rule of reciprocity in action.
Makers and bakers are far more likable than eaters.
And being likable means you're half way to winning the battle of enchanting and persuading others...

What's the other half?
You'll just have to ask me                                                
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CURIOUS about what makes me tick? Find out...
" Sometimes you can get a little too much sun, basking in the glory of building your brand. So much so, that you start hearing voices telling you “If you build it, they will come.”

That line may have worked for Kevin Costner's character in Field of Dreams, but advice like that can prove disastrous for a brand start-up.

Great brands work a process to create both sales and success..."                            

Note: This article was ghost-written for a client and was originally published
in Professional Beauty Magazine
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As a bespoke brand copywriter, I specialise in turning the marketing messages of purpose-driven businesses and brands
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Brands who have deep-seated values, that embrace the story of what made them and who purposefully embed meaning into their plans (be they big or small) hire me to
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Things on writing...
Words are the facial expressions
of your mind.

They communicate your attitude, personality and perspective. Wrong words give the wrong impression.

Get out and exercise
Use the active voice.
The passive voice can be wimpy and boring.
Things to read...

"Purple Cow: Transform your business by being remarkable"


Where did this book take me?
Be remarkable. That’s what a purple cow is, and it’s the key message and takeaway from this book.

And what does that mean? It means making the hard decisions, doing the difficult things and thinking of alternatives.

Your business will be “purple” and remarkable if you do something different.  

Rated: 4.0 stars                                    

Things on style...

Use common, clear analogies

The power of  a well used metaphor is magical.
But read your audience.
Don't use a metaphor or analogy about shoes or fashion, if your audience is male.
Conversely, sport can sometimes fall flat with females.
The goal is to satisfy and open learning possibilities.

Pick unambiguous word pictures.

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