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CORRECTION / UPDATE to this email = a number of you kind folks emailed me back earlier today to point out that the PayPal Add to Cart buttons on the Seraphic Light page were not working properly.  I re-tested them & the Special Combo Orders button specifically was indeed not functional.  That is one very good reason why no one had yet taken advantage of those "!!!" deals.  Don't know how that happened (except, first time for everything!), but I've re-embedded both buttons on site, tested anew, and they now appear to be in full effect.  Thank You to all who pointed this out.  I've made a few additional text changes/additions below, so if you haven't already read the previous, then let this be the one..
(and apologies for this first ever re-send in 21 years - egad!)


Kind greetings good people,

And, as ever, in hopes this finds you all well as can be. 
Much of import to impart, so will get right to it!

Brand New Release Shipping Now!

Daniel Carter–William Parker–Matthew Shipp
Seraphic Light
[AUM106]  CD/DL

Daniel Carter: flute, trumpet, clarinet, tenor/alto/soprano saxophones
William Parker: bass
Matthew Shipp: piano

Seraphic Light is an exemplary long-form work of collective creative improvisation, performed by three masters of this high art. An incredibly special recording of this very rare trio summit; into the mystic..   Click on image or here for full information, listen to a stream of excerpts, and order now! 

There are a couple of great combination deals – which likewise feature the beautiful Daniel Carter and his beautiful tones – available direct from AUM mail-order only as well, and now that the button works, you can take advantage of  'em!

And I can dig this just posted 5-star review on The Free Jazz Collective blog.

PLUS >>> the exceptional rarity of this Trio performing decreases on FRIDAY, MAY 25 @ VISION FESTIVAL 23 !
They were added to the already well-set lineup when the originally schedule poet that evening had to drop out. It ought to be expected that this set will also be poetic, to say the least.

I have to add that the physical edition manifestation of this release continues to just knock me out, weeks after excitedly receiving them from the pressing plant.  OK.

Full-resolution / lossless download now available!

William Parker Ensembles
Wood Flute Songs
[AUM080-87]  DL

This monumental/essential set of music is now available in full-resolution / lossless download form – for the first time.  DL also includes an extensive PDF booklet featuring all artwork, sets of liner notes, credits etc. which accompanied its original strictly limited & long out of print 8CD Box Set edition.

Available exclusively on the bandcamp platform / see hear.

PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER, if you plan to purchase it, you are gently urged to buy it direct from AUM Fidelity here.
Because you'll get exactly the same (download in your choice of file/unlimited streaming), but will spare AUM the bandcamp fee. We've earned some codes and we're here to use 'em!  Bless you, and your ears 'n' spirit shall be blessed, too.

"A magnificent document that captures one of jazz's greatest, most prolific and most versatile bandleaders at the height of his powers, demonstrating a stunning range of creativity with a superb cast of musicians." –JazzTimes

"It's all utterly indispensable" –Jazzwise (UK)

#1 Archive Release of The Year –The Wire


The lineup of this 23rd edition / annual running of the Vision Festival is out of this world.  Since you've already planned to be there, good motion on you!  If you live in the NYC metro and have friends who have perhaps slept on this major event in the past, don't let them anymore!  MOST seriously.
AUM Fidelity will be for the 23rd year running as well; do say hello and save a bit on shipping fees.  OH, and I am very happy that it shall once again take place at ROULETTE in Brooklyn: superior acoustics and so incredibly easy to get to. 
Bless ARTS FOR ART Forever.

This tremendous album is back in stock for now!

This remarkable entry in the David S. Ware Archive Series (well, they all have been / will be!) has not been available direct from AUM since early this year because we sold out of copies on hand.  We finally got a small batch back in from an overseas distributor.  Buy soon if interested in the impeccable physical edition. OH, and 3 copies of DSW / Organica (solo saxophones, volume 2) came back on same request as well.

The very latest epic work from William Parker!

A treasure box abounding with gems, Voices Fall From The Sky is an
expansive 3CD Box Set comprising three distinct and complementary albums whose focus is on the voice: the singers, 17 of whom are featured herein -&- the songs, 34 pieces, all composed (music & lyrics) by William Parker.

It will be officially released in an edition of 1000 copies on June 15, but will be available in advance at Vision Festival, and will begin shipping direct from AUM the first week of June.  I've been wonderfully taken aback, attention arrested on spot on numerous occasions while listening to selections from this major work, and the experience continues bountifully.  More news on this soon /  in next email!!

And Save The Dates! 
JUNE 26–30
WILLIAM PARKER Residency at The Stone/New School, NYC

More news very soon!
I look forward to seeing some of you at Vision Festival
in but one week from now!

May we all forward with compassion and fortitude, yes please.

Steven Joerg

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