Kind greetings good people on the AUM Community elist,

And as ever, in hopes this finds you all well.  May the exceptional chaos of the world outside not be impeding the centering of your inner world.  I know =first hand= that the sounds on these imminent releases can aid in that centering.

We are very excited to announce this tremendous pair.
Official release date for both is July 5.  Pre-orders are
on now, and will begin shipping week of June 17..


[AUM110/111]  2CD/DL

Live/Shapeshifter is the exemplary new double-album from one of master William Parker's eternal flagship groups, recorded live & featuring all-new compositions, including the epic "Eternal Is The Voice Of Love", as well as a new iteration of the band's theme, which features Parker's first extended vocal turn on record.  Comprised of pianist Cooper-Moore, alto saxophonist Rob Brown and (since 2012) drummer Hamid Drake, In Order To Survive is one of the truly great jazz groups of the past quarter century, and then some. Well beyond expressing the obvious, the album title states the shamanistic nature of the work at hand. 

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"Over the course of his long and unwavering career as a composer, bandleader, bassist, and event organizer, Parker has produced a catalog of compositions and a legacy of performances distinguished both by their free-thinking, often radical sense of adventure and by their elemental dedication to beauty and human feeling. More extraordinary, perhaps, Parker appears to be in the midst of a late-career blossoming; he is making (some of) his heftiest music yet, work that reaffirms the imaginative prowess that has made him a stalwart force since the 1970s."
–David, Hadju, The Nation


Peace Planet
-&- Box of Light      [AUM108/109]  2CD/DL

Peace Planet -&- Box of Light are an astonishing pair of new studio albums created by drummer-leader Whit Dickey together w/ two distinct yet interrelated Quartets. All involved here have long been deep seekers of truth through sound, and between them is a luminous web of deeply affecting work which now spans decades. This pair presents their latest great work together.

=Peace Planet= features
Matthew Shipp-piano, Rob Brown-alto sax, William Parker-bass
=Box of Light= features
Rob Brown-alto sax, Steve Swell-trombone, Michael Bisio-bass

Having left an indelible mark via classic albums under the leadership of David S. Ware and Matthew Shipp, the projects which drummer Whit Dickey has led & produced in the ensuing years have regularly brought out the best from all involved. That is most definitely the case here. A united pair of albums created this past Winter, the two works represent the Yin and the Yang respectively. Dickey chose Tao Quartets as the name of the groups for this work as the Tao wholly incorporates an understanding of this elemental dynamic of life, and that same understanding is here to be heard.

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Vision Festival, the mighty assemblage!
24th Annual at Roulette, Brooklyn, June 11–16!

All of the artists on these albums will be performing this year (albeit in different configurations)! And both of these new AUM sets will be available in-person direct. (For those who can't make it, Pre-orders on the works above will begin shipping immediately the week following). 

We are very much look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible, and are happy that it is at Roulette in Brooklyn once again, as AUM is soon to leave our beloved Borough.  More news on that and a big AUM Moving Sale in next dispatch!

Thank you all for reading and do stay well-tuned..

May we all forward with compassion and fortitude,

Steven Joerg

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