March 21, 2020

Kindest greetings – as ever – and more-so than ever, in hopes this finds you all well as can be.

My family and I are all OK.  May all reading this with loved ones who have contracted the virus be receiving the care which they might need.  And may necessary support be delivered with all due haste to the hundreds+ of thousands of folks currently put out of work by this crisis who right now or will soon desperately need it.


And Yes this is the announcement email for Tao Forms – an all
new recording label devoted to free jazz of an enlightened nature.


Drummer-improviser-composer Whit Dickey is the founder &
creative director of Tao Forms, with management & distribution
by AUM Fidelity. We've been planning the May 2020 launch
of this fresh endeavor for some time. Fittingly to coincide with
full-blossom Springtime in this year which numerically suggests
clarity of vision. Music of devotion, fortitude and deep inspiration
(both ways) is a requisite at all times.

The inaugural pair of releases are featured below.
Advance listening & Pre-order links direct from
both AUM Fidelity & via bandcamp follow.

The label will feature all-new creations from artists both already familiar to you, and from vital voices whom you may not yet have heard.


Matthew Shipp's highly focused, remarkable new work for solo piano. His singular, cosmic musical language is at its exploratory best in the solo context, and The Piano Equation is the first newly recorded entry of his 60th year here. Marking time by moving resolutely forward...

(((Listen))) to a preview track & Pre-order direct now.

(((Listen))) & Pre-order via Bandcamp now.


Whit Dickey's brand new Trio teams the drummer with one of his most long-standing collaborators in saxophonist Rob Brown & for the first time with the young firebrand bassist Brandon Lopez, in what is certainly hoped will be an ongoing communion. Expanding Light continues the great fruit of Dickey's creative re-birth which was made abundantly evident on last summer's Tao Quartets double-album set.

(((Listen))) to a preview track & Pre-order direct now.

(((Listen))) & Pre-order via Bandcamp now.

And (almost) finally for this email dispatch, one more notice on...

(((Listen))) to a preview track & Order direct now.

(((Listen))) & Order via Bandcamp now.

The official release date for the limited 2LP vinyl edition of this mighty work was yesterday, and all pre-orders have been shipped.  Just over half of the pressing was sent to our distributors in the days before the profound magnitude of the coronavirus' effect became fully apparent to All.  But, we still have some copies on hand here. 
Please do note:
if you order this 2LP together with Pre-orders
on the Tao Forms releases, all will be shipped
together at the end of April.

A note on shipping: AUM Fidelity mail-order is fully up and operational, with orders shipped out within 2-3 day of receipt maximum, per long-time standard. We thank & bless the workers at the US Postal Service!  There are no hints or whispers that USPS service will be disrupted due to the virus crisis, but IF in the case it comes to that, trust that any pre-orders will be here safe & sound & ready to ship out WHEN this all passes. 

And finally, thank you all for reading and for your continued support of these (and all other) great & profound artists, and the work of all those who labor with love to facilitate bringing their work to you.


Please stay well, well-tuned, and in a perpetual practice
of showing compassion & giving kindness.

Yours in music as inspiration & guidance,

Steven Joerg / AUM Fidelity

P.S.  OH!  almost forgot to mention, check/follow the Tao Forms Facebook page,
which has a longer introduction & elucidation of "why now?"

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