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Kind greetings for the first time this month;
I hope this finds you all as well as can be,

News herein:
* Limited time Holiday 2016 Sale = 20% Off Everything On Site!
* Alert notice on 5 titles soon to go out of print!
* Brief visual recap of 2016 releases!
* Upcoming performances of note!

Clicking image brings you to the AUM Fidelity Mail Order page. Yes, =everything= that is available for sale on the AUM site is eligible for the 20% sale (with $60- merchandise total minimum order). Only 4 days remain!  Due to limitations of the PayPal shopping cart we use, your discount will be applied post-checkout as a Credit on whichever method of payment is used. I'll be processing those personally.

Also Do Note this spotlight page on vinyl, books, DVDs.

And FYI, these 5 supremely fine titles are very soon out of print in physical form (8 copies or far less of each):  sale/now is a good time to grip 'em!

William Parker & Hamid Drake / Summer Snow
Eri Yamamoto+++ / Duologue
Darius Jones Trio / Man'ish Boy
David S. Ware / Organica
Elder Utah Smith / I Got Two Wings (book+CD)

Finally, now is also a good time to spring for some AUM Fidelity ++ sounds & vision direct, as it sure will help us get 'round the bend into 2017, which promises a relative flurry of releases in the first 6 months. Mutually beneficial!  Thank you!!

The three 2016 Releases!

Upcoming Performances!

Eri Yamamoto Trio @ Cornelia Street Café
Tuesday, December 27

In what has become an annual tradition for Eri and her Trio, ringing the year out with beauty & reflection in late December @ the intimate Cornelia St. Café.
More details.

William Parker Quartet w/ Cooper-Moore, Hamid Drake, Rob Brown
@ Winter Jazz Fest – Friday, January 6 Marathon Day

More details.
If you'll be making the rounds during WJF's sometimes delightfully manic frenzy, do be at the New School 12th Street Auditorium @ 12am.  This is one of the two WP Quartets that in October recorded half of the forthcoming double-album!

William Parker @ Roulette, Night One
Friday, January 13

"Healing Songs From The Tone World"
More details.

William Parker @ Roulette, Night Two
Saturday, January 14

"Creation of the Tone World (A)"
More details.

And, in what has also wonderfully become an annual tradition, William Parker welcomes the "just born" year with all new large-scale works (both in scale of composition & personnel) @ Roulette in Brooklyn. I very much expect these nights to be both genuinely healing & enlightening.

May we all forward with compassion and fortitude; may the Cosmos give very positive energy to all transformative actions against hate and ignorance in the coming year,

Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity

P.S.   This Radio Garden is incredibly cool.

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