Brand New William Parker 2CD, David S. Ware Archive Series #4, and October/November Events!


Kind greetings good people on the AUM Fidelity Community list,

As the rash of madness continues arriving in the news multiple times a day, we URGE every American citizen to VOTE in the coming mid-terms. It is the easiest direct action effort toward beginning the process of stemming the madness, by getting more elected representatives with compassion, spine and respect for democratic process into the mix.

And, as our aim here has has always been to be a purveyor of sounds with compassion and inner-transformative potency at their core, we continue to do so, and in that respect have good news to bring today.. 

Two Exceptional New Releases (both to be released in strictly limited editions on November 9th) are now available for pre-order (and will ship not later than week of November 5th, as soon as they are back from the plant!)

News of Four Exceptional Live Events (one being a short tour!) to happen this week and in November!


Flower In a Stained-Glass Window
 -&-  The Blinking of The Ear

2CD – deluxe 8-panel digipak 
limited edition / 500

Listen / read more / pre-order now.
[exclusive & substantial savings combo bundles are also available]

This special edition release is comprised of two =brand new= full-length albums, distinct in personnel & approach, yet complementary in ethos. William Parker is (and has been) on a profound and voluminous creative flow. Both of these albums were made in Summer 2018; they follow up and extend on his June 2018 release, the exemplary 3CD box set Voices Fall From the Sky.

Flower in a Stained-Glass Window fully features vocalist Leena Conquest, a tremendous interpreter of Parker’s work in song. She can be heard to deep affect in his Raining On The Moon and Curtis Mayfield projects. This is her first work together with Parker since 2012, and it is a most potent return to this creative orbit. She sings and speaks atop of and within a fresh ensemble featuring Parker’s bass together with long-time compatriots, trombonist Steve Swell & saxophonist Dave Sewelson, South African drummer Kesivan Naidoo (in his first work with Parker), Parker’s son Isaiah on piano (an exceptionally gifted young man; here in his second time on record with his father. His first time was on this album.), as well as young saxophonic talents Abraham Mennen and Nick Lyons. This work is dedicated to the inspiration of Martin Luther King, and the lyrical content pulls no punches delivering the truth as Parker sees it. The message is: social and political justice and equality for all human beings.

Flower.. was slated for release this fall on its own, and then William Parker had a summer residency at The Stone / New School in New York within which The Blinking of The Ear was presented in wholly extended and expanded form by an ensemble featuring Daniel Carter (witness the recently released Seraphic Light), Steve Swell, Eri Yamamoto on piano, William Parker and young Leonid Galaganov on drums, with mezzo soprano AnnMarie Sandy. This composition first appeared on the Voices Fall From The Sky box in a voice/piano/drums reading. Here, as Parker writes in the liner notes: “The dream was to combine written music with improvised music; slowly and seamlessly folding them together as one. This sextet live version wholly realized that dream; it was an extraordinary event in music called universal tonality.” After hearing the recording, it was forthwith decided to include this and make it a true double-album event!

Astonishing work, all of this.

The Balance (Vision Festival XV +)
CD – deluxe 6-panel digipak
(AUM107 / DSW-ARC04)
limited edition / 500

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[exclusive & substantial savings combo bundles are also available]

The Balance
is the fourth edition in AUM Fidelity's DSW-ARC Series; it presents an outstanding and incendiary David S. Ware concert in trio with William Parker & Warren Smith, and will be released on the 69th anniversary of his birth. A tenor sax–bass–drums excursion displaying full vitality from the first note, this suite of spontaneous form was created at NYC’s Vision Festival in 2010. Ware had been a perennial top draw at this vital annual gathering since its beginning; this was his first time back since the revered Quartet bid farewell there in 2006, and it was an exhilarating return.

This latter-day DSW Trio convened only three times over their 10-month existence: the Dec. 2009 studio session for Onecept, this June concert, and the Oct. 2010 album release celebration at the Blue Note in NYC, documented on Live In New York, 2010.

Also included here are four out-takes from the Onecept session – all of which had been completed & considered for inclusion at that time. The three releases together present the =total & complete work= which this group created.

Each of their three communions has its own flavor: This festival stage concert is premier 21st Century free jazz rendered with the virtuosity and lucidity that only Ware (with his esteemed peers) could provide. An utterly complete treat.

DARIUS JONES : Shades of Black  with 
This Week : October 25–27 : East Coast

A tremendous assemblage of unified talent on one stage.  
Do not miss these opportunities if you're within range..

DJ's description of this project is up on the Firehouse 12 / New Haven link;
all links = buy tickets now.

Thursday Oct. 25th: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Friday Oct. 26th: Firehouse 12 New Haven CT
8:30pm & 10:00pm

Saturday Oct. 27th: The Jazz Gallery NYC
7:30pm & 9:30pm

VISION FESTIVAL Special One Night Only
@ Tufts University in Boston
Distler Hall at Tufts University 

This Saturday, October 27!

Free Admission / Bring Your Friends / Turn Them On!

Serious business.  And Free Admission! (courtesy of the music department of Tufts University & via the efforts of faculty member Kurt Raelske, who produced the exemplary  Seraphic Light recording at the same hall in 2017).  

Click the link for details and be there this Saturday night
if you're in the Boston area!

@ Roulette, Brooklyn
Monday, November 5
(pre-election day illumination!)

Darius Jones created this Real Information-RICH page as he recognizes that is has Never Been More Important To VOTE – crucially, in the coming mid-terms AND in every election to come thereafter. Democracy will continue to atrophy unless You get involved with it. VOTING is the easiest way to do so.
Get Informed, Get Involved.

And THIS pre-election day Event at Roulette featuring the World Premiere of Being Caged in ICE + America The Joke + LawNOrder, with a rich assemblage of participating artists.  See you there!

ERI YAMAMOTO: Goshu Ondo Suite
Saturday & Sunday, November 17 & 18
World Premiere with 50-member choir
& interactive dance circle

@ Studios of the Paul Taylor Dance Company
551 Grand Street, NYC

Eri Yamamoto Trio:  
Eri Yamamoto, piano  / David Ambrosio, bass  /  Ikuo Takeuchi, drums  
w/ award-winning Choral Chameleon

In this unique World Premiere, East and West collide in an evening-length fusion of New York jazz and Japanese traditional culture, by composer and jazz pianist, Eri Yamamoto. The choir will sing while performing an obon dance in a circular formation, propelled by Yamamoto's jazz trio. In the spirit of the obon, usually danced by an entire community in a public place, the entire audience will be taught the dance and will be invited to join the circle

Tickets are on sale Now.
[As seat numbers are limited, is highly recommended to book tickets in advance]

Note also: these performances will be recorded
for album release in Autumn 2019.

Thank you for reading; do stay well-tuned.

May we all forward with compassion and fortitude,

Steven Joerg
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