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Kind greetings good people on the AUM Fidelity Community list,

And -as ever- in hopes this finds you all well.  Here, it feels like the last two weeks flew by peregrine falcon-like in full dive mode, whew!  

And, I've just now discovered that MailChimp won't allow me to add images today. OK then, and I'll keep it succinct!  Bullet-point this time..

Total info / quick direct action on all below:

* AUM Fidelity's Annual (so far..) Holidays Sale is on, Now through this Sunday 12/9 at midnight!  

Very Special Gift Bundles this year, for loved ones; yourself too!  Please note too that all four of the AUM Fidelity & Centering 2018 releases are now in rather short supply; some exceptionally so.  Yikes!  Each of them (and more!) are featured here. If you had interest and were waiting, now is a very good time.  Also, if you've made the switch to digital only, Holidays 2018 Sale part 2 is also live through Sunday at midnight on our bandcamp site:  20% off everything for 3 days. Use this code on checkout:  holidays2018

God's Got It: The Legendary Booker & Jackson Singles (new transfers/expanded edition)

This wondrous release is back in print!  Just in time for Christmas!  And 3/4 of the CaseQuarter label releases are on an amazing offer in the aforementioned Holidays Sale.  Seriously passionate and affecting and exhilarating music all 'round.  If you've not yet been flipped on to this work, I cannot recommend highly enough that you do so. OH, and don't forget to request "photo please!" First 10 orders of Rev. Charlie's re-newed set get a real nice 4x6 print.  And also note availability of the Elder Utah Smith / I Got Two Wings promo CDs.. 



Joe Morris: guitar / Doyeon Kim: gayageum

Joe Morris rush-pressed this September 2018 recording on his Glacial Erratic label for an imminent tour of Korea.  He sent us a small batch as well.  His invention never ceases. A very cool set, and very limited.

Total info / quick direct action on all above:

Thank you for reading; stay well-tuned.

May we all forward with compassion and fortitude,

Steven Joerg
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