Kind greetings good people on the AUM Community list,

And yes, in hopes this finds you all well, four days into Northern hemispheric Summer!  Two big news items in this dispatch:

Brand New William Parker 3CD Box Set ! 
William Parker Residency @ The Stone/New School this week !!

Voices Fall From The Sky
[CENT1015/16/17]  3CD Box/DL

Truly a treasure box abounding with gems, Voices Fall From The Sky is an
expansive 3CD Box Set comprising three distinct and complementary albums whose focus is on the voice: the singers, 17 of whom are featured herein -&- the songs, 34 pieces, all composed (music & lyrics) by William Parker.  

From a recently published & righteous 9/10 stars review in PopMatters:
"In a career full of lofty goals and incredible highs, William Parker has once again sculpted an album that will stand apart from the pack through beauty alone. Once you take into account Parker's ambitiousness and his strong sense of social obligation, Voices Fall from the Sky rests on even sturdier ground. This is an album to take with you into the next lifetime."  

And also some pithy words from The New York Times & WBGO's Take Five.

Physical edition is strictly limited to 1000 copies.  Ordering direct from AUM Fidelity also affords a selection of exclusive (and very) special combo offers. Order direct from AUM here >>> 
[and listen to a preview selection while reading more on this work.]


at The Stone/New School, NYC
JUNE 26–30 (Tuesday – Saturday!)

And WHOA!  In the first mighty musical event of Summer 2018, William Parker will be presenting 5 utterly distinct nights (and all-new musician configurations) of tone world magic at The Stone / New School this week!

Full Schedule / Details here

A great / extensive night-by-night preview of the week in Zeal NYC here.

And reminding that THE STONE is now located in 
The New School / Glass Box Theatre 
55 West 13th Street (near 6th Ave)

Daniel Carter–William Parker–Matthew Shipp
Seraphic Light
[AUM106]  CD/DL

And another reminder that Seraphic Light is an exemplary long-form work of collective creative improvisation, performed by three masters of this high art. An incredibly special recording of this very rare trio summit; into the mystic.. Appropriately glowing reviews have abounded.   Click on image or here for full information, listen to a stream of excerpts, and order now! 

Only 1000 copies of the physical entity (so gorgeous!) were made. 

And they are going fast (under 40 copies currently on hand here).  

Some very special exclusively AUM-direct combination deals are also available together with Seraphic Light, all of which likewise feature the luminescent tones of Daniel Carter.

Thank you all for reading and do stay well-tuned!

May we all forward with compassion and fortitude,

Steven Joerg

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