Kind greetings and in hopes this finds you well as can be.

It has been a while again since last email dispatch. Have been mighty busy here with family matters; trying to prep for 2018 while staying centered & focused in the midst of the madness that assails us all daily.  Thank G*d -&- The Makers for The Music.

Good News herein:  two AUM Fidelity Holiday Sales, Darius Jones previews new work at Roulette, Brooklyn next Wednesday, 12/6  -&-  William Parker / In Order To Survive on New Year's Eve in Toulouse, France !

AUM Fidelity 20th Anniversary + Holiday 2017 Sale !
('s a big one..)

On now through December 13; click image or here to partake:
This year marked AUM Fidelity's 20th as a producer/purveyor of healing & enlightening albums by true masters of the art. I've been intending to have a spotlight sale on some of those masterfully created works that received ..less attention.. than other releases.  As we are now on the cusp of 2018, this is a combination 20th Anniversary + Holiday Sale, and includes a more vast array of options, as all of these albums ought to have ten-fold more listeners, at least..  
OH, and there is a brand new album addition to the site, a solo banjo & banjouke set by master Joe Morris, which also features in this sale.

A 3-part Sale; 20 being The Active Number:
Any 3 CDs on sale page = $20 for the bundle
Any CD + one 2CD on sale page = $20 for both
The two beautiful Box Sets still in print = $20 each

Fill in the gaps in your collection of vital sounds or gift some of the same. The combo choice bundles are unlimited, meaning you can go 6 for $40, 9 for $60, or 4 for $40, etc., as you wish.  Room has to be made in the storage space for 2018 releases etc., so do take advantage of this sale and feel free to spread the word!

This is by far the biggest sale here –ever– and may well be the last of its kind. Contemporary reality is: once AUM CDs are sold out, they will not be repressed.  And, on that last sentence..

AUM Fidelity on Bandcamp update !
(..a sale going on here as well..)

If it wasn't clear on last email..  AUM got up on the Bandcamp platform this past August with the latest releases, with the whole catalog + Centering Records releases being added in batches ever since (still working my way through it; about 70% there). For those not already familiar with it, Bandcamp is a very well put together & easy to use platform that allows artists & labels to sell full-resolution / lossless / CD quality downloads directly.  I dig it.  And if you find yourself making the move away from physical product to buying downloads, it's mos def the place to get AUM DLs.  And.. it is a great way to make out of print on CD works available again in full resolution sonic glory.  A dozen such vital titles have been posted. 

An AUM Fidelity Holiday sale is going on up there now, too.
15% off everything
available now (with more coming imminently)
until December 15.   The code for that sale is: holidays2017

Click image above or here to check it:

DARIUS JONES Preview of New Work at Roulette, Brooklyn – Wednesday night, December 6 !

Samesoul Maker // LawNOrder
This will be the first concert preview presentation of Darius Jones' latest work-in-progress, Samesoul Maker.  It is the second installment of a three-part work, and explores the commitment of the father figure during the process of childbirth on the planet Or’gen. It will be preceded by LawNOrder, a new 45-minute game piece dealing with social justice and American history. Each player represents a separate character (unknown to the other players) and is handed a law to follow at the beginning of the piece.

Do check details here:

New Year's Eve in Toulouse, France !

And under the category of "sure wish I could be here, too," William Parker / Cooper-Moore / Rob Brown / Hamid Drake : In Order To Survive will be sounding in the the new year at Théâtre Garonne in Toulouse.  A whole evening is planned, do check the details here and alert friends who may be in the vicinity:

May blessings be upon you and yours this season.

May we all forward with compassion and fortitude,
Steven / AUM

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