Kind greetings on the first October Sunday morning of 2019,

Announcing a pair of forthcoming (November 15) AUM Fidelity releases,
available for Pre-order now..

And also a note on the last copies of 2018 releases,
in case you missed them first time..

Théâtre Garonne, 200
CD/DL   (AUM113 / DSW-ARC05)

The David S. Ware Archive Series continues strong as ever with this fifth edition, featuring the New Quartet that David assembled after the DSWQ and before the beginning of his final phase of creative work.

Featuring Joe Morris: guitar, William Parker: bass, Warren Smith: drums. This is s great-great and luminous concert performance in Toulouse, France which took place a few weeks following the recording of their Shakti album, and together with it also presents the last of Ware’s pre-composed & wonderfully indelible themes to be used as springboards for illuminated performance.

Read more, ((( listen ))) to a track from this work, and Pre-order the CD here:

If download / streaming is your thing, cool.  The very best place to throw down on that is at bandcamp:

Goshu Ondo Suite  


We've been working with Eri Yamamoto since 2008's singular Duologue, and have produced five exceptional piano trio albums of all-original material with her since because her accentuation on the positive, and her gift for new melody are rare and welcome in these times.

In 2018, Eri was deeply inspired by a childhood remembrance of "Goshu Ondo", a song sung & danced to in her childhood home in order to welcome ancestral spirits during the summer Bon festival.  She wrote out by hand her first choral work to be performed together with her jazz trio. And the choir was so moved by the music, which was written for them to sing in Romaji (original Japanese text in transliteration to English syllables), that all 50 of them memorized it to perform by (and with) great heart for the world premiere performance, here presented on AUM record.

Read more, ((( listen ))) to the opening piece from this work, and Pre-order the CD here:

If download / streaming is your thing, the very best place to throw D's
is at bandcamp:

The PLUS+ part of this dispatch... 

Voices Fall From The Sky  


This wholly illuminated set = oh my gosh, I'm still tripping on it!  Wow!  It was released in June 2018 and has been sold out now since this past summer began.  However, there are still "extras" copies available.  Basically, the whole contents of the box, without the actual box (but handily packaged in a resealable sleeve). There are about 20 of these available only here direct (and at a slightly reduced price, because, no box).  If you haven't already (whaahaat?), do go and listen to a selection of this work, at least!  There are also a few Album 1 CD w/ booklet copies available.

Full details and ((( listening ))) here:

Flower In a Stained-Glass Window
-&- The Blinking of The Ear


Finally for this dispatch..  this new, circa summer 2018, and "!!!" work from William Parker was released in November 2018 in a limited edition deluxe 2CD / 8-panel digipak.  It sold out here by May.  There are no plans to repress.  We got hold of 5 more copies from a distributor and are offering to you here first, the stalwart supporters.

All details here:

Please note, if above two WP sets are ordered together with a Pre-order of the brand new works, they will ship together in early November.  If ordered separately, they will ship post-haste.

Thank you for reading.
Stay well-tuned and take good care of yourselves,

Steven Joerg
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