November 16, 2019

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And Yes >>> this gorgeous & joyous new work from
pianist-composer  Eri Yamamoto and her trio
in collaboration with Choral Chameleon,
was officially released on Friday!

Eri Yamamoto transcended jazz, classical and folk forms in creating Goshu Ondo Suite, her debut work for jazz trio & large choir. She seamlessly melded biography, group improvisation and far-ranging compositional vocabularies in this seven-part suite, featuring her longstanding trio in collaboration with Choral Chameleon,
directed by its award-winning founder, Vince Peterson.

The suite is based off of the “Goshu Ondo,” a traditional circle dance song from Shiga, Japan, where it was sung during the summer Bon festival to warmly welcome ancestral spirits. Composing the Suite brought some of Yamamoto’s happiest childhood memories flooding back. The decision to compose for choir was sprung from a desire to bring community into the process of creation – to increase by a great number the people involved in making & celebrating beautiful sound together! To evoke that joyful sense, her trio & Choral Chameleon engaged in an intensive & committed rehearsal schedule, with the choir singing in Romaji transliteration of the Japanese text. Every member of the choir was so engaged with the process that they memorized the piece, performing this exultant November 2018 world premiere by (and with) great heart!

Restating: this project was from its conception designed to celebrate community coming together to likewise celebrate LIFE and living it TOGETHER. In this time of grotesque corrupting energies toward same, it is a most welcome uplift and luminous reminder of the power of community to create Beauty. Here, close to 60 musicians do just that. Listen and partake!

! Wonderful 4.5 Star review in AllMusic Posted Yesterday:
"There have been countless jazz masses and gospel-jazz recordings, with some iconic and influential recordings among them including Mary Lou Williams' Black Christ of the Andes, Donald Byrd's A New Perspective, Duke Ellington's 1965 Sacred Music Concert, and Dave Brubeck's Truth Is Fallen, to name a few. Add to this prestigious legacy Eri Yamamoto's
Goshu Ondo Suite."  –Thom Jurek, AllMusic

Interview/feature published in the New York City Jazz Record on the eve of this world premiere:

The Making of Goshu Ondo Suite video
This very nicely done indeed 6-minute making of video
was produced by the good folks of Choral Chameleon.

The CD is packaged in a deluxe heavyweight stock 6-panel digipak with two sets of liner notes (by Eri Yamamoto & Vince Peterson) & complete lyrics in Japanese, Rōmaji transliteration, and English translation (as you will most likely be compelled to sing along :-)

Order that  beauty direct here.

And here for full-res download & more listening!

Stay well-tuned & take good care;
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