November 7, 2020


Today is the 71st Anniversary
of his Birth
here on Earth.

photograph © Philippe Levy, 2005

age 6, family photo, 1955

Yes it is.

The best way to celebrate is by LISTENING to
the works created while he was still here with us.

EASY.  Click on either image to bring
you to the DSW page on bandcamp.

When you recognize that particular works need to be heard on the regular (via perpetual stream/download or in
physical CD form), well..

Then use code:  dsw_birthday_2020_v2
which will mean  40% off prices as listed
Today Only, until midnight.

Also, it's true that DSW-ARC
06 was planned (about a year or more ago) for release today. Pandemic and pointless rage got in the way of meeting those deadlines...

That written..   forward to 2021,

Let's continue strong with love in our every action, shall we?
And keep taking good care of yourselves and one another.

Bless you all for being fully alive right now,

  Steven / AUM

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