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DO YOU WANT A FREE MINI FACIAL KIT (of our Featured Product)?

Featured Product: ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste 

Goodbye microbeads!

Rodan + Fields: ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste is an oil-free exfoliating treatment that mimics microdermabrasion by getting rid of dead skin cells that tend to sit on top of our skin's surface preventing products from penetrating the skin to do its work. Microdermabrasion promotes cells to turn over quicker which leads to healthier-looking skin that's amazingly soft. Sugar and salt are the main ingredients for exfoliation and Vitamins C and E add hydration and stave off free-radicals. The combination not only helps to improve the skin's texture, it also cleans out blackheads, helps to reduce pore size, and minimize lines and wrinkles. You can replace your facial cleanser with R+F: ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste one to three times a week, depending on your skin. (Use wet if you have sensitive skin, like me.)

Who wants a FREE mini facial kit that includes our paste?! 

Tip: I personally use our ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste then our UNBLEMISH wash as a mask for 10 minutes to blast stubborn blackheads a few times a week. And I do have super stubborn blackheads on my nose! Plus, I exfoliate my entire body and feet with this paste when in the shower. ;) P.S. Our MD Paste can also help with Keratosis Pilaris along with gluten-free.

Who wants a FREE mini facial kit of our featured product for you and a friend? Email me with your mailing address and your friend's first and last name (and their email address). Please note these kits are complimentary for anyone who is not currently a Preferred Customer with another R+F consultant and/or already using the featured products. North America & Australia residents only, includes Guam and Puerto Rico where Rodan + Fields is available.

MD Paste:
UB Wash:


I loved being a photographer, but now I get to truly help others with this. 

I'm no stranger to putting myself out there in front of the public and opinions... that's what I did for 10 years as a photographer, as a creative. What's new then, right? You're right, what I do now really isn't much different as before. I mean, I still get to help women and men (and kids!) look their best and feel good about themselves. That has always been biggest reason for doing what I did. The biggest difference now is I can help them in more ways and beyond Photoshop; I can help them find real confidence and the entrepreneurial spirit inside them. This is why I do what I do. (Changing people's lives have been my privilege.)

Are you interested to learn more about my new-to-me business? I'd love to tell you more over a cup of coffee or whatever is your beverage of choice. 🍺

Bunn Salarzon | (503) 308-8228


It's now my turn to be in front of the camera... with my beautiful family! 

You guys, it's so weird to be in front of the camera after being behind it for so many years. It's a little nerve-wracking at times, but all good times though! My revamped Instagram account is now filled with images and videos of "Life with Oliver" also how I am transitioning to being a work-at-home-mom. These are typically posts that I do not share on Facebook so exclusively for the Instagram community only. I'm learning to creatively document our time with this beautiful blessing of ours because we know they don't stay cute babies for very long. [pout] So, I hope you'll follow us and watch him grow right before our eyes! Don't forget to check our Instagram Stories for more exclusive posts!



Seriously, I never thought I'd be so excited about creating videos? 

Behind the scenes, I get messages from people around the globe asking about how we went about it with our adoption of Oliver. Truth be told, he found us. 💚 I hope to do proper justice and creatively document "Life with Oliver" because, ultimately, this is his adoption story as told via videos so he can look back on them later... Or else they will just live on my computer hard drive. Would you help us grow our brand by subscribing and sharing our channel?

YouTube Channel (Cup of Bunn):

Bunn Salarzon is a former Portland, Oregon-based photographer turned work-at-home-mom who runs her global brand from the comfort of her own home. She and her husband Romie openly adopted their son Oliver just a few hours old. They waited 15 years for him and now their dream of being parents is finally realized. This is why Bunn retired her 10-year photography business so she could build a new business without ever having to leave her family's side. (She shares glimpses of their journey on Instagram Stories.)
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