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Welcome to our First Newsletter

What started as a simple online photography project has become bigger than I'd imagined (over 200 and growing daily) thanks to everyone participating and spreading the word.  People are having fun with it, and they're thinking and talking about difficult topics too.  I'm hearing amazing stories of people's experiences with stereotypes and how the project is affecting them.  The positive response has been overwhelming.  Thank you all.

The First Exhbit at the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

 So the next phase of the project is creating physical exhibits to show even more people that anyone can do good, no matter who they are.  I had originally anticipated that if I created physical exhibits that they'd be small and simple.  However, I've been fortunate enough to secure an exhibit at the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts in downtown Worcester, MA.  It will consist of three banners that are 19' tall and total 25' wide, contain the photographs of 250 people, and hang in their main lobby for at least a year.  To the right is a mockup I made to show what it could look like.  Based on their past attendence, over 180,000 people will see the exhibit and the positive message it conveys.  It will be amazing.  I'm even toying with the idea of creating an interactive kiosk to go with it so people can read all the good deeds and see new people that add their sets.  Read more on the exhibit page...

This is where I need your help.  Creating websites and taking photos is what I do, so aside from getting less sleep lately, that part doesn't cost me a lot.  Creating exhibits?  Not so much.  The cost of printing the banners is between $2,000 - $4,500 depending on the materal, so I need your help to make this happen.  If you would like to make the Hanover Theatre exhibit a reality and spread the message of the No Evil Project, please consider a donation to help pay for the exhibit expenses.  I'd greatly appreciate it.  I'm working with the Worcester Center for Performing Arts so your contributions are tax-deductible as well.  Visit the donations page...

No Evil Organizations

This week, I met with a group of middle school girls at Girls Inc. of Worcester to discuss the project and take their photos.  The project links two of their programs, Dear World which focuses on expressive arts and anti-bullying, and Thinking SMART which is their science, math and relevant technologies program.

Everyone had fun and it shows how the project is expanding in new ways.

Groups that participate in the project can get their own page on the site.  Look at the Groups page to see how it works...

Keep In Touch

This project is about you.  Some people want to be more involved than just submitting their set.  I'm always up for brainstorming, people to bounce ideas off of or help at events, people who want to donate their professional skills to the cause.  Or maybe you just want to learn stuff about the project before others do.  Be sure to look at your subscription settings and check off whatever you're interested in.  And if you're not interested in getting updates, I won't be offended if you unsubscribe.

You can also stay up to date about major things and see new sets as they're added by liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter.

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