Closing of the Hanover Exhibit, exhibit prints, and Pinterest support!
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Last Week of the Hanover Exhibit

The first exhibit of the No Evil Project is coming to a close and it's been a quite a year.  I've met great people, heard amazing stories, and the project has changed some stereotypes and gotten people talking.  I want to thank everyone that made it happen from the participants to the volunteers and especially The Hanover Theatre and the Greater Worcester Community Foundation.

The banners will be taken down Thanksgiving Week so if you haven't seen them yet, catch a last minute show at the Hanover, or swing by Federal Square across the street with a pair of binoculars or something...  Yes, one goal for the next major exhibit will be to have it more publically accessible.

Looking for a New Home for the Exhibit

The Hanover exhibit banners are 25' wide and 19.5' tall. So it's not something I can hang up at my house come the end of the month. That's where I need your help.  If you or people you know are involved with an art gallery, museum, university, or other organization that would be interested in the exhibit after it leaves the Hanover, please let me know at .

Exhibit Prints & Mugs

Like the exhibit, but don't have room for the original banners?  No problem!   At the No Evil Project Store we have 24" x 18" prints and 36" x 24" prints and the proceeds help support expanding the project.  

If you're in the exhibit, we also have an "I'm not evil, I have an art exhibit to prove it!" mug, because, what other proof would you need?

Pin No Evil

If you've tried to share your set on Pinterest in the past, you could only share one of your photos at a time. What fun is that? Now, each set page has a special Pin It button that will link to an image of the full set. Please test it out and let me know what you think!

Finishing Your Photos

Please take time to finish your set if you haven't already so we can put it up on the site.  If you are having problems, please let me know so we can solve them.  If everyone finished their set, we would have over 1300 people on the site!
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