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welcome to my first newsletter ..
 because i can't update my website at this time ( hard drive crash ) i've decided to modernize and use some new media biz-tools..thanks for subscribing!
  • if you signed up for this you probably know what i've been doing :  touring extensively with dinosaur jr over the last 6 years. i've also toured with sebadoh  and released 2 solo albums in the same time period.. (i've spent most of my musical life juggling 2 bands and putting out solo records simultaneously)  but dinosaur jr have seemingly devoured me..
  • this year i took a 2 month break in the spring to regain my sanity and start writing songs again.. sebadoh have become my main touring band ( 2 tours so far this year, 3 more planned )..  dinosaur jr did a a 4 week tour in june/july and  --may-- do a west coast tour later this year...i've heard whispers..  but 2011 has been quiet for dino ..
  • so, right now july 26 , 2011 i'm one week away from a sebadoh european tour and i'm in the midst of putting together songs for possible dinosaur jr, sebadoh and solo records.. following up on ideas , listening to demos etc.. it's been fun so i know good things are happening.. it's been hard to write while touring and even harder when i'm at home trying to be a good dad but i'm figuring out a way to make it work .. i can write the songs that i want to sing without disappearing into of the great things about having a family is learning the art of time conception of time has changed and i can start creating again - while- trying to hold it all together ( as opposed to writing while falling apart ).. in this spirit of breakthrough i've also decided it's time to start sharing more of the things i have lying around: sebadoh video , forgotten songs, early versions of recorded songs .. and also try to point out a few things i've done over the years that i think deserve another chance particular, this month, i''ve been obsessing on the New Folk Implosion .. check out the mp3 of 'releast' and the too long explanation that accompanies it..
  •   so..until next month ( in between the sebadoh european and australian/japan tours) .. check out this lump of media.. next month i have
  •       more sebadoh archival footage to share (part 1 in series of 'behind the scenes' video from '92 -'93)
  •       another dinosaur jr demo
  •       another unreleased song...etc..
thanks for listening...lou 

song of the month


lou  - vocals, bass / imaad wasif - guitar + ambient synth / russ pollard - drums  / greg kurstin- keyboard for hire

lyrics by lou and imaad 'trembling night' wasif by the new folk implosion

recorded by mickey petralia

 what i was listening to : gillian welsh ' time the revelator ' and lots of jamaican ska  from the early 60's .. neither of which sound anything like 'releast' but i was inspired to play bass with my fingers (like ska) and accurately describe the lack of direction i was feeling (like gillian)
 give your heart to a stranger, turn your back on a friend
 walk away unafraid of the end
hang the day on a promise , breaking overhead
 the pieces fall, they haven't cut me yet
 dare me to watch your moon disappear into a trembling night
 oh..the end could feel alright
through a window , open every door, no use holding on
go on into , go all of you, let me be , let me be ...
now you are a stranger , we'll never talk again
but you're everywhere , all we could have been..
and whatever i hoped to find , the answer or a perfect lie
 i let it pass me by
through a window , open every door, no use holding on
go on into , go all of you, let me be , let me be ...
through a window , open every door, no use holding on
go on into , go all of you, let me be , let me be ...
we share the pain,  some rise again
let me be , let me be
.. i had decided to continue the folk implosion without co-founding member john davis , who left the band  after  our 3rd album 'one part lullaby' was completed leaving me to fulfill our obligations to interscope records  without him..

i eventually enlisted russ pollard and imaad wasif to fill out the band , russ had recorded and toured with sebadoh for our last record 'the sebadoh' and seemed excited about moving to LA and continuing to work with me.. imaad's guitar style reminded me of john,  and ,  our discussions about music made me think it would be possible to , in a way, recapture the creative atmosphere that birthed the folk implosion ..  this turned out to be the case.. but as we began piecing a record together in 2001 it was obvious that stylistically the music was far heavier , more rock  and less 'natural one' ( the top 40 hit that brought folk implosion to the attention of interscope ) .. 'releast' is from our first session as a band..  we had a manager at the time and she and interscope thought we should work with LA based producer mickey petralia who had recently completed beck's ' midnite vultures ' record.. he lived close by and agreed to wrok with us..

on our first recording date russ showed up fried from a multi-day bender with a since deceased  singer songwriter friend of ours .. it was clear that russ had designs on joining -his- band and fleeing my sinking ship..the resulting tracks were flawed but useable though mickey was particularly frustrated with the drums and spent the first week ( and beyond )  'fixing' them.. we spent nearly 2 months editing drums,  rerecording bass, guitar and vocals in Mickey's pool house/ home studio .. we also , during this time, appeared in the film 'Laurel Canyon' playing the 'band' and Mickey playing the recording engineer to Francis MacDormand's 'producer'.. this was my first and last movie appearance..the day to day of trying to complete a new folk implosion record that no one seemed particularly excited about , speak in phony english accents for the movie and negotiate the highways between our silver lake homes and the santa monica set of the movie was humbling in the extreme....

eventually the songs took shape and in the end we had 2 songs ( out of the 4 we attempted )  that i was very happy with:  ' creature of salt' ( our influenced-by-touring-with-the-melvins opus ) and 'releast' .... every bit of that time's disappointment , heartbreak and shame was poured into those 2 songs and i think 'releast' is the best post sebadoh / dinosaur jr style song i've ever recorded .. i am --possibly-- alone in that opinion.. we were, of course, dropped by interscope immediately upon submitting the songs....
 .. but  they paid for the protracted sessions and gave me the songs to do with how i wished... which was great...

we followed 'creature of salt ' and 'releast' with  2 more sessions,  one with aaron espinosa  and one with wally gagel  (both casual and unburdened by expectation ) which produced 7 more songs   .the completed record was released by a label that liked my  work but Hated the record ( called 'dour' by our reluctant a+r man ) and it sank in the spring of 2003 ...  my manager bailed soon after and the New Folk Implosion (as i not-so-brilliantly renamed the band ) dissolved due to lack of interest , within the band and outside the band  ...but it was allright  ... i maintained my creative partnership with imaad wasif and he helped me  during the recording of my solo records , EMOH,  which followed 2 years later, and 'goodnight unknown' in 2009.. 

tour dates


AUG 07, KATOWICE, Poland – OFF! Festival Katowice
AUG 08 – BERLIN, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
AUG 09 – HAMBURG, Germany – Knust
AUG 10 – COLOGNE, Germany – Gebäude 9
AUG 12 – SAINT-MALO, France – La Route Du Rock
AUG 13 – OSLO, Norway – Oya! Festival
AUG 15 – ZURICH, Switzerland – Abart
AUG 17 – NIJMEGEN, Netherlands – Doornroosje
AUG 18 – GRONIGEN, Netherlands – Vera
AUG 19 – EINDHOVEN, Netherlands – De Effenaar
AUG 20 – HASSELT, Belgium – Pukkelpop
AUG 22 – LONDON, UK – Electric Ballroom
AUG 23 – MANCHESTER, UK – Manchester Academy 3
AUG 24 – EDINBURGH, Scotland – Cabaret Voltaire 


SEPT 8 - PORTLAND, OR - Crystal Ballroom
SEPT 16 - PERTH -  Rosemount Hotel
SEPT 19 - MELBOURNE - Corner Hotel
SEPT 21 - SYDNEY - Metro Theatre
SEPT 22 - BRISBANE - The Hi Fi


SEPT 25 - Taipei - The Wall
SEPT 27 - Shibuya O-Nest
SEPT 30 - Osaka - FANDANGO 
OCT   01 - Fukuoka - MUSK 
OCT   02 - Shibuya - O-WEST 


 1 audio cassette of me playing acoustic in the missing link record shop
           Melbourne VIC  march 5 , 2010  
                    > $10 < 
 solo, sebadoh, dinosaur jr and foreigner songs..

rare video

sebadoh 'classic' ( eric gaffney on drums) in pittsburgh , opening for the Swans - may 1992.. this is a good example of how i changed the vocal melody of songs night to night depending on how well i could hear myself .. on this version i push it to a strange high register that makes it sound like new wave goth ...or something.. the thing i like is that jason sings the choruses with me ..which was rare and awesome when it happened.. this is also a good example of what a dick i could be on stage , at the end of the clip i complain about the sound on stage , nice!  DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE 

rare song

having just started work on a proper reissue of my first cassette album 'weed forestin' ( it'll be self-released on vinyl / digital ) i came across this ..the song i named the cassette after ,  the original version of 'lose' ( reworked into a dinosaur jr song appearing on 'you're living all over me'  ) and the tape manipulation  that originally ended it.. i've released bits of this before but this is the original unexpurgated flow ..the 'trilogy'.. if you can use such a fancy word for some noise ( 4-string guitars ) i blew into a portable cassette player, twice - crude overdubs! .. i was -not- high on marijuana when i recorded this.. 'weed forestin' meant making the most out of what i had, foresting weeds instead of trees...the opening voice is that of a woman who HATED me at the nursing home where i worked... 


  • the pictures this month include one of my favorite dinosaur jr band shots : traveling in Sicily last year by Tim Herzog our roadie/sound engineer ..
  • jason loewenstein and i hugging in chicago by Tom Meyer..
  • some screen shots of my skype calls home, trying to stay in touch with the fam while i'm away..
  • 3 pics by Mikala Taylor .. one of the sign at the lou barlow and the missingmen merch table ( the cat looks scared , yes? ) , me playing acoustic at Zulu Records and a Sebadoh soundcheck , both taken in Vancouver earlier this year..
  • and some awful self pics of my studio taken today 7/26/2011..

jason song

a few weeks ago i got a message from jason's wife kelly asking for a song
  for his big 40 surprise birthday party .. i was in oslo at the time (w/dino jr) and realized that if i didn't do it then , in the 3 hours before show time in my quiet hotel room, i'd never do it.. so i did it... recorded poorly onto my laptop .. DOWNLOAD SONG 

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