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VOLUME 14.06.22 : June 22, 2014 • WASH • RINSE • REPEAT!
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"The Checkerboard Guy is a talented kingpin who makes audiences more-than smile and producers shine!"
—Ted Kilmer
International Street Theatre Entrepreneur
Asian Jumping


In the last 36 hours or so I’ve disembarked from the SUN Princess in Busan, South Korea, flew to Tokyo, (Narita) Japan then to Houston, Texas and finally to Orlando, Florida where I picked up a shuttle that took me to Cocoa Beach next to Port Canaveral where I’ll be joining The Enchantment of the Seas on June 23rd. All of my bags made it to Houston, but two decided they liked it enough to want to stay a little longer. Was this some cosmic event put in place to help RINSE away the props that allow me to perform? Hopefully not, and with any luck I’ll get the missing bags back before I join the Enchantment tomorrow.

"The Checkerboard Guy is great - zany, very funny, skillful... Highly recommended!"
—Derek Galpin, Managing Director
The Canadian Tourism Commission, Beijing Office
Backstage Website


Somedays if feels like my job is all about the REPEAT-ing things. Go out open my prop case, pull out the same tricks, perform the same schtick and enjoy a certain predictability to the laughter that comes, but in the last few weeks I’ve had some really amazing experiences! I got to help launch the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Beijing promo CTC TV and got to dance on my unicycle with Canadian Ambassador to China, Guy St. Jacques, who came out to the media launch. GREAT  working with Derek Galpin from the CTC to make this event a huge success and so much fun getting to do something a little different (check out the video here).

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